FX rates

FX stands for Foreign Exchange and basically stands for the process of trading one nation's currency for another. Currency exchange rates in their turn, mean the value of one currency relative to another. These change with every currency and are impacted by a multitude of different factors. Each currency has an exchange rate for every other currency, forming a currency pair, essentially a comparison of the value of two currencies.
AX gives customers flexibility in the choice of preferred currencies and allows them to display catalog prices in local ones – to make it more comfortable for the end customers. If the reseller adds a currency it will allow customers to see all offers and pay in their preferred or local currency from the list that the seller allowed. The invoice's amount calculates using the exchange rate. Sellers can integrate their own FX rate provider of choice using Appxite Partner API. Alternatively, it is possible to send the seller's own custom currency exchange rates from the seller's other system using the same API.