AppXite Cloud Platform

An End-To-End Platform Helping Companies to Fast Track Their Transition into The Digital Economy & Scale Their As-A-Service Business

Powering Digital Sales

AppXite Platform is a white-label cloud marketplace for vendors, sellers and distributors. It serves to enable the configuration, provisioning, and administration of cloud technologies so you can scale, and achieve extraordinary growth for your small, medium or enterprise business. No other platform gives you the power to create such unique and engaging experience for your customers while giving you the freedom of choice if it comes to vendor relationships.

The platform provides an automated provisioning, billing, and customer management as its key elements. It helps you to decrease the complex challenges of maintaining various cloud services and to lower your transaction costs. Customers love using both our self-service and reporting functionalities.

Manage multi-vendor cloud catalog with AppXite

AppXite Strong Value Proposition

frictionless user experience design on AppXite platform

User-friendly Interface

Key subscription management features in an easy-to-operate platform.

AppXite platform has integrations to multiple vendor databases

Multi-channel Catalog

Integrations to big, small and niche vendors & their partner infrastructures. 

Open API channels can secure the integration between AppXite platform and ERPs, CRMs, etc

Smart APIs

System integrations to ERPs, CRMs or other company-specific digital tools.

Speak to AppXite support when experiencing technical challenges

Platform Support

Platform support to minimize down-time or any technical challenges.


Designed To Facilitate Digital Solution Sales With Smart Tools and Automation

Overview of AppXite marketplace


Operate a successful digital business with AppXite white-label omnichannel cloud platform.

Managing customers happen in one place with AppXite subscription management tools

Subscription Management

Reduce friction and improve customer service by introducing self-service to the subscriber’s lifecycle.

managing multi-vendor price list in a single cloud marketplace

Subscription Billing

Maximize SaaS revenue by enabling automated offer configuration and streamline the post-purchase process.

AppXite platform provision orders automatically


Automate order fulfilment of products and services to reduce operational costs and streamline subscriptions delivery.


Invoice as a Service

Get the Most out of The Partnership with Additional Expert Services by AppXite

Invoice customers in an automated manner & secure the steady monthly cash flow for your subscription business. Let AppXite sends invoices on your behalf.


we send invoice customers on your behalf

Adjust to the Changing Face of Digital Sales

Eliminate manual transactions processing, standard solutions sales or delayed service deliveries to successfully transition into an as-a-service business. As the SaaS ecosystem matures, the revenue will increase when every segment of the XaaS supply chain evolves along with it.

AppXite's Strategic Partnerships

Microsoft Partner to Direct & Indirect CSPs

Build a unique subscription-based business as a Cloud Solution Provider. Resell Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft SaaS solutions though AppXite platform. Utilize our cloud marketplace and its billing and subscription management features efficiently as a Direct Reseller or leverage our MCA agreement for all European markets.

Microsoft Teams icon Microsoft Yammer icon img-11
Microsoft Skype icon Microsoft OneDrive icon Microsoft SharePoint icon
Microsoft Dynamics icon Group 2914 Microsoft Exchange icon
Microsoft Windows icon
Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Windows Microsoft Yammer Group 3042 Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Skype Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft Teams Microsoft Dynamics

Cloud Aggregator for Cloud Marketplace Resellers

Top IBM applications are now available as subscriptions under the Cloud Marketplace Reseller (CMR) program. All approved IBM SaaS resellers have to work with a Cloud Aggregator in order to transact IBM products. AppXite enables CMRs with its certified aggregator platform to resell IBM Cloud, Aspera, MaaS360, etc. and pro-actively supports them in their go-to-market journey. 

IBM Spectrum Scale IBM Spectrum Storage Insights IBM Maas360 with Watson
SPSS Statistics IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
Aspera IBM Cloud
IBM Maas360 with Watson IBM Spectrum Protect Plus IBM Spectrum Storage Insights IBM Cloud IBM Spectrum Scale SPSS Statistics Aspera

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppXite platform for me? What is it and who is the target?

AppXite Platform is a hyper-scalable multi-tenant white-label SaaS platform, based in Azure cloud. 

How fast can you start providing platform and services for my company?

Spinning up a new tenant only takes a few minutes, once you provided us with a domain name and SSL certificate for the portal, and we have an agreement in place.

Where will AppXite platform be deployed?

We can integrate you as part of your customized technical onboarding project. If you lack something, we can provide that something.

Where is the main development centre located?

Our development headquarter is Riga (Latvia), with additional development offices in Kiev (Ukraine), Kharkov (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Gothenburg (Sweden).