Cloud Orders Provisioning

Automate Order Fulfillment of Cloud Products and Services to Reduce Operational Costs & Streamline Delivery

Automated cloud provisioning of products and services on the AppXite Platform

Process automation

Provision XaaS orders with an automated workflow

Create a frictionless checkout experience for all products and services in your catalog. When a customer presses the BUY button on AppXite Platform, it activates a cloud provisioning sequence which transfers the request to the vendor and ultimately enables the service delivery. The powerful back-end engine fulfils every order automatically. Which means that you don't have to process it manually, nor to code, design trigger-based workflows or rules. The AppXite all-in-one cloud provisioning flow supports bundles, discounts, all billing models and service plans as well as the different payment options.

Provision cloud solutions automatically on the AppXite Platform

Workflow orchestration

Manage Your Platform with a Smart Back-Office

Execute orders with high efficiency every time. Leverage the workflow engine to automate the cloud provisioning of product and services and provide customers with access to their subscriptions after the purchase. All pre-onboarded vendors on AppXite catalog are instantly available for provisioning which allows you from day one to sell, bill and deliver software.

AppXite platform's back-end script takes care of your cloud orders fulfillment

Hybrid and Public cloud

Speed up Delivery and Business Growth with Integrations

Provision automatically a multi-vendor cloud catalog. Via smart APIs, any purchasing details are delivered to the right partner center at the right time for the customers’ orders to be executed accordingly. Every service has individual provisioning logic depending on the vendor requirements, but the customer journey is always standardized and frictionless. AppXite Platform integrations secure partners a streamlined provisioning workflow as well as enable a single place for customer or vendor management and the synchronization of data. 

Automate the cloud provisioning of multi-vendor products on the AppXite Platform


Optimize the User Experience with Personalized Notifications

Manage customer notifications across your own set of triggers. Control the timing and logic to ensure that the right audience sees the right message at the right time. From purchase and order status to smart updates and reminders, the AppXite Platform helps you combat churn, encourage product activation and renewals.

Manage customer notifications in-app and sent by email for your cloud provisioning on the AppXite Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AppXite platform support integration with ERP or CRM system?

AppXite Platform’s APIs enable integrations to 3rd party business systems. Meaning that you can integrate your existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM, Accounting or Ticketing Software) to AppXite Platforms, and use any payment gateway of your choice. Find the list of solutions already integrated into the platform here

What offerings are included in AppXite product catalog?

Partners can choose to include their own offerings and/or products and services from selected niche and local ISVs or other well-known vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. Find the full list of pre-integrated to the AppXite Platform vendors here.

Is it possible to add our own offerings to your platform?

Partners can add new offerings such as their own intellectual properties, one-time products, recurring service, etc. to their catalogs. The additional offers are created vie platform’s offer configuration functionalities. When creating the new offer, partners can choose to appoint AppXite to act as their distributor (which means that AppXite will allow the offer to be sold by our entire network of sellers) or for the offer to be available on the partner’s catalog only.