Subscription Billing

Handle the Billing Complexity of Various Pricing Models Across Ordering, Provisioning, Invoicing, and Reconciliation

Billing models

Align Pricing With Subscriber’s Preferred Billing Scenarios

Turn your solution catalog into a truly recurring business engine with flexible billing plans and pricing packages. Support advanced billing options and frequencies, such as fixed recurring, one-time, hybrid, seat- and usage-based consumption from a single cloud platform.



create billing models in the back-end of you AppXite platform


Why Your Subscription Business Depends on Frictionless Quote-to-Cash Process?

Every successful subscription business relies on a consistent and tested customer-centric Quote-to-Cash (QTC). QTC describes all stages of a subscription buying process: starting with a prospect requesting price offer, its automatic configuration (CPQ) to collecting the payment and subscription renewals. QTC calls for a collaborative organizational structure as it engages all teams and digital workplace systems in order to operate seamlessly – sales accounts managers, customer relationship specialists, CRM and ERP, etc. 


entire quote to cash process



Enable Multi-Level Pricing Plans for Your As-A-Service Business

In subscription businesses economy the attention from the products has shifted towards the deals. Each subscription deal is unique in its many variables e.g. charging models, contract durations, billing frequencies and more. With AppXite CPQ, your sales reps will be easily guided through the most complex deal arrangements. Cut down the sales cycle even more and empower customers to configure offers and price quotes in real-time, according to their exact needs themselves. Generate pricing scenarios for every mix of catalog items by executing different charging models and seamlessly generate quotes to create a fluid buyer’s journey.


dollar sign pyramid


Create advanced and complex pricing plans.

generating under certain rules


Control your quoting with fully configurable rules.

integrate to systems or embed codes


Embed pricing in your website or landing pages.

calculator icon

Zero Touch

Prevent manual calculations and human errors.


Ensure Fails-Safe Checkout Experience With Minimum Efforts

Handle recurring payments in a foolproof manner with your preferred payment gateway. AppXite’s open API integrates with transaction systems in order to processes purchasing data directly from your subscription billing and managing platform. Answer global payment demands configuring of one or many payment microservices or allowing customers to settle their bills with monthly invoices.
enjoy safe transactions on appxite platform

Multi-Currency support

Design Payments In The Currency Customers Relate To

Cater your solution catalog for multi-currency transactions to help customers make their purchasing decisions easier. AppXite recurring billing platform allows you to display prices in multiple currencies. If you wish to bill the customer in their local currencies, capabilities like added conversion margins, customizable exchange rates and real-time currency calculations, offer opportunities for additional revenue streams.
design your catalog with the currencies customers want to see

Analytics & insights

Combat Churn with Data-Driven Conclusions about Customer Behaviour

Act proactively to increase software adaption, customer retention, and user engagement. Get all the necessary insights on how to grow your business in a structured way. AppXite analytics dashboard collects data from multiple sources to create an accurate overview of customer purchasing patterns, churn, and billing statuses. Don’t get lost in the data, have a summary of the most important business metrics in a single view. 
analyzing customer generated data
Invoice as a Service

Reduce the Complexity Of Subscription Billing and Invoicing

Eliminate human errors and manual processing of subscription billing data with AppXite's Invoice as a Service. Through the integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and AppXite Platform, partners can now streamline the creation & shipment of monthly invoices. Thus, establish a coherent and engaging customer experience and support revenue collection.


invoice icon sign

Invoicing & Taxation

Customers receive monthly invoices with your logo and preferred layout from AppXite. Invoices are compliant with global tax laws and have pre-calculated local VAT.



email reminder for unpaid bills


End customers receive system-generated reminders before or after due date encouraging them to proceed with their unpaid transactions.

revenue recognition icon

Revenue Recognition

AppXite’s service addresses the complexity of subscription revenue, recognize it in a compliant and automated way with the help of deferral templates.



revenue growth diagram

Accounts Receivable Reporting

A collectables report helps you monitor all accounts with outstanding invoices which support your dunning efforts in making sure all revenue is gathered correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive payments? Does AppXite handles the money?

Sellers receive payments directly from their end customers. We invoice those resellers relative to payments due. These invoices are paid via bank transfer.

How long is your billing period?

We invoice your company on a monthly basis.

Do you support multiple currencies (EUR, USD, NOK, RUB, etc.)? How do you do the conversions?

Yes. Generally, we support 2 types of currency conversion: official exchange rate from the vendor (such as Microsoft, or Central Bank of the country), or commercial exchange rate supplied by the reseller. Exchange rates can be updated on pre-defined time intervals – typically daily, weekly or monthly.

Do you support VAT?

Yes. AppXite is the VAT payer.