Subscription Billing

Handle the billing complexity of various pricing models across
ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation.

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Billing Automation Across All Your Sales Channels

Handle the billing complexities of your as-a-service business from simple recurring billing to complex usage-based billing and sales-negotiated contracts. Consolidate all billing operations across your own e-commerce, partner sites, and external marketplaces using a single, centralized quote-to-cash platform that supports global payments, multi-currencies operations, and tax compliance in one streamlined workflow.

repeatFlat Fee Pricing

Offer a single product, a single set of features, and a single price. Charge based on billing frequency -monthly/annually.

analysisUsage-Based Pricing

Pay for what you use, based on the number of API requests, transactions, or gigabytes of data used.

diagramTired Pricing

Several product plans each providing a particular set of service volumes like features, users, storage, etc

user-checkUser-Based Pricing
Charge based on users (seats) to whom the solution is delivered or charge only for active users. 

credit-cardOne-Time Pricing

Charge based on one-time payments - bulk fees that users pay once to access or get the product or service. 

puzzle-pieceHybrid Billing

Mix-and-match pricing models, executing solutions sales based on multiple billing models in a single bill. 


Align Pricing With Customers' Preferred Billing Scenarios

Turn your solution catalog into a truly recurring business engine with flexible billing plans and pricing packages for every mix of catalog items by executing different charging models. AppXite's market-leading CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) engine enables you to implement complex pricing strategies by considering multiple factors that influence the final price of a product or service.

CPQ grey

Global Payments

One-click Checkout Experience With Global Payments

Handle the recurring payments with your subscription billing platform in a foolproof manner and with your preferred payment gateway. AppXite’s open API integrates with transaction systems in order to processes purchasing data directly from your cloud platform. Answer global payment demands configuring of one or many payment microservices or allowing customers to settle their bills with monthly invoices.

Multi-Currency Support

Design Payments In The Currency Customers Relate To

Cater your solution catalog for multi-currency transactions to help customers make their purchasing decisions easier. AppXite recurring billing support allows you to display prices in multiple currencies. If you wish to bill the customer in their local currencies, capabilities like added conversion margins, customizable exchange rates, and real-time currency calculations, offer opportunities for additional revenue streams.
design your catalog with the currencies customers want to see on AppXite's subscription billing platform


Get Full Reconciliation File and Bookkeeping Records

The full reconciliation data contains complete information regarding all subscriptions managed through the platform in order to reconcile vendors' incoming invoice billing data to platform-generated billing data by vendor, end-customer, subscription ID, charge type, and other important fields. 
Reconciliation and reporting


Quote to Revenue Automation with an Invoicing Addon

AppXite Invoicing Solution is built by leveraging full Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality and is provided as a white-label solution to the partners to execute recurring financial operations with ease and reduce administrative workload through seamless workflows across the AppXite commerce and billing engine. 


Invoicing BC-1

Reports & Analytics

Keep Track and Manage Billing Data with AppXite Built-In Reports

Get all the necessary insights into platform billing data and invoices in a structured way. AppXite built-in reports collect data from multiple sources to create an accurate overview of customer purchasing patterns, credit risk, billing statuses, and financial indicators.