Invoice as a Service

Bill and Invoice Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Up-Front, In Arrears Or Based On Other Charge Models with AppXite Platform Addon

Support the Billing Models Nobody Knew Before SaaS

With companies shifting towards monthly and subscription-based billing, accounting workload has increased 12-folds, with an extra one per month. Invoicing grew for a single location and currency to multiple countries and currencies with local VAT calculations and following global tax rules. AppXite’s invoicing platform helps to execute recurring financial operations with ease. It supports the most advanced billing models, such as fixed recurring, one-time, hybrid, seat and usage consumption and it is directly tied to your subscription management platform to makes the billing and invoicing automatic.


Act Before Billing and Invoicing Become Your Biggest Bottlenecks

Leverage the benefits of a Quote-to-Cash process supported by seamless workflows across AppXite marketplace & invoicing engine. The system configuration reduces the administrative workload by issuing branded invoices with the company's own logo in an automated process.

Hand holding a gold coin


Invoices sent on your behalf are visible on your platform

Eye in blue color analyzing data


Reconciliation files with consumption, quantity data, etc. are accessible on your platform

set up of a white-label invoice by AppXite


White-label invoices are custom branded with your logo and business details

currency exchange: dollars to euro


Invoices are issued in a multitude of currencies with VAT tax calculation

How Would Your Invoices Look Like?

AppXite will send invoices on your behalf to end-customers at the end of every billing cycle and in accordance with the selected charging model. The invoices will be fully branded with your logo and company name, with your corporate and bank information, etc. 


Johan Wideskott

Business Owner at Widecon Services

We really appreciate the white-labeled billing services from AppXite, it helps us to be able to focus on our daily tasks instead of invoices.

Kees Hertogh

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Microsoft

We’re excited to welcome AppXite to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Subscription Commerce and Billing from AppXite to help customers meet their needs faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have AppXite Platform to use Invoice as a Service solution?

Yes. All subscription billing and invoicing data are generated and calculated in the AppXite Platform. If the managed services or products that your company sells are not offered and purchased through the platform, then white-label Invoicing as a Service will not be available.

Why do I need Invoicing as a Service by AppXite?

System configuration and seamless data exchange reduce administrative workloads by issuing branded invoices with a personalized logo in an automated process. Outstanding balances are viewable in the platform and issued invoice files are available for download.

What is the price of the service?

The minimum monthly fee for the service is 199 EUR excl. VAT, which includes a maximum number of 100 invoices with up to 20 product calculation lines per invoice. If you wish to alter the number of invoices and/or a maximum number of calculations per invoice, the service price can be calculated through the white-label invoicing calculator.

Which domain will be used for my invoices?

Any email domain can be set up, as long as you provide your company’s email domain access credentials. There is also the possibility for AppXite to set up a general email domain to send white-label invoices on your behalf.

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