Invoicing integration with Microsoft Business Central for large enterprises or vendors with partner channels to bill and invoice multi-tier business contracts in one streamlined business process.

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Enable a Frictionless Quote to Revenue Automation with AppXite Invoicing Addon

AppXite Invoicing Solution is built by leveraging full Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality and is provided as a white-label solution to the partners to execute recurring financial operations with ease and reduce administrative workload through seamless workflows across the AppXite commerce and billing engine. It supports the most advanced billing models, such as fixed recurring, one-time, hybrid, seat, and usage consumption, and it is directly tied to partners' subscription management platform to make the billing and invoicing completely automatic.


| Create Invoices

Create a custom invoice with your branding and colors right from the dashboard.

| Send Invoices

Set workflows for automated invoice send-outs with just a few clicks. 

| Manage Invoices

Override or fix amounts, and easily see a history of what you've already billed for.

| Report & Reconcile

See all your invoicing data and reports, find a full reconciliation file and bookkeeping records.

Invoicing BC


Create Invoices

Generate Fully Customizable  Invoices With Ease

Create a custom invoice with your branding and colors right from the dashboard - update the logo and color settings, and add product details, line items, discounts, tax rates, and more. Bill and invoice your end-customers with any billing model, multiple currencies, and payment methods.




  • | Any billing model
  • Bill and invoice your end customers with any billing model - recurring (monthly, quarterly, annual), one-time, hybrid, seat-based, usage-based, up-front, or in arrears. 
  • | Multiple currencies
  • Invoice globally with multitude of languages and currencies with VAT tax calculation, and optimized payment methods based on your customer’s location.
  • | Any payment method
  • Get paid within minutes through bank transfer, credit cards or integrate your own payment services, like Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, and many others. 


Send Invoices

Send Invoices Individually or in Batches Automatically

With just a few clicks you can enable sending PDF invoices to the end customers or schedule recurring invoices to be sent out automatically. Invoices are sent via email and posted in the customer portal for more convenient access. You can follow up with automated reminders if an invoice isn’t paid on time.


Send Invoices

Manage Invoices

Overview, Fix Amounts, Re-Post, or Export Your Invoices

Gain complete control of your invoices with an integrated invoicing process, which lets you override amounts, fix amounts in advance, and easily see a history of what you've already billed for. You can also enable your customers to self-manage their invoices from a customer portal or export your invoices into a CSV format compatible with many other accounting systems. 


Manage Invoices-2

Report & Reconcile

View Detailed Reports of All Invoicing Data

See all outstanding invoicing data and reports in the invoicing dashboard. Automate accounts receivable processes and reduce time spent tracking and collecting invoice payments. Find a full reconciliation file and corresponding bookkeeping data of your invoicing data.


Invoicing Report and Manage
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Invoicing Solution: Create an Invoice

Invoice Customization

Invoicing Solution: Customization


AppXite Invoicing Solution: Notifications

Johan Wideskott

Business Owner at Widecon Services

We really appreciate the white-labeled billing services from AppXite, it helps us to be able to focus on our daily tasks instead of invoices.

Kees Hertogh

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Microsoft

We’re excited to welcome AppXite to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Subscription Commerce and Billing from AppXite to help customers meet their needs faster.

How Would Your Invoices Look Like?

AppXite Invoicing solution offers fully customizable invoices based on customer needs and can provide complete end-to-end invoicing automation without any manual operations. The invoices will be sent on your behalf to end customers at the end of every billing cycle and in accordance with the selected charging model. 

appxite invoice page one
appxite invoice page two

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have AppXite Platform to use Invoice as a Service solution?

Yes. All subscription billing and invoicing data are generated and calculated in the AppXite Platform. If the managed services or products that your company sells are not offered and purchased through the platform, then white-label Invoicing as a Service will not be available. Invoice as a Service is included in our Seller Enterprise and Distributor Plans. 

Why do I need Invoicing as a Service by AppXite?

It simplifies the complex subscription billing process and lowers the manual workload on the accounting team. Generating invoices manually is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with the service, AppXite will send invoices on your behalf to end-customers at the end of every billing cycle and in accordance with the selected charging model. The invoices will be fully branded with your logo and company name, with your corporate and bank information, etc. 

Which domain will be used for my invoices?

Any email domain can be set up, as long as you provide your company’s email domain access credentials. There is also the possibility for AppXite to set up a general email domain to send white-label invoices on your behalf.

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