Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Why should I choose AppXite Platform to run my subscription-based business on?

AppXite, with its multi-vendor and multi-cloud platform for direct and indirect subscription- and consumption-based businesses, is a rare player on the market. Our infrastructure is flexible enough to secure any partner's entrance into large SaaS ecosystems like Microsoft’s, IBM’s, AWS’s, Google’s, etc. successfully avoiding any vendor lockin, and stable enough to allow partners to sell, bundle & market their own solutions alongside well-known vendors' products. AppXite Platform enables end-customers to serve purchases by themselves while additionally support lowering partner’s transactional costs with automation and features like our CPQ engine.

Is AppXite a distributor?

AppXite provides a platform for building and managing as-a-Service businesses. Additionally, AppXite manages a multitude of vendor agreements, agreement types (ex. direct, indirect billing relationships, and multi-tier combinations), and integrations. This allows organizations to automate their businesses and incorporate their own offerings within a large multi-vendor catalog featuring their partner relationships with any large well-known platforms, software vendors, vertical and localized solutions. To support this motion, AppXite takes on many roles in the value chain such as a billing partner for vendors using AppXite to manage end-customers and partner eco-systems, an aggregator, other modern partner models (as opposed to the old-style locked-in Distributor model), etc.

How fast will I get my platform?

AppXite Platform will be available for a new partner to log in and start building as-a-Service offers within minutes of him buying any of the AppXite Pricing plans. Linking with partners, customers and subscription synchronizations and credit validation for indirect partners can take up to 24 hours (on business days for credit validations) from the time the platform is enabled. AppXite synchronizes data according to the vendor's policies and technical ability.

Where is AppXite's main development centre located?

Our development headquarter is in Riga (Latvia), with additional development offices in Kiev (Ukraine) and Minsk (Belarus).

Where will AppXite Platform be deployed?

Your AppXite Platform would be deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Do you provide alternative hosting options?

AppXite Platforms are normally cloud-based but if a partner requires it, we can host the platform in an on-premise facility. In this case scenario, the partner will have to fulfil all hardware requirements necessary for the deployment. 

Would AppXite Platform work on my WordPress site?

AppXite solution can be published on any custom URL selected by the partner. 

Do you offer a mobile app for the marketplace?

Our platform has a responsive website design which works great on mobile devices. We do not plan to offer a native mobile app and this is a deliberate architecture decision.

Does AppXite Platform support integration with ERP or CRM system?

AppXite Platform’s APIs enable integrations to 3rd party business systems. Meaning that you can integrate your existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM, Accounting or Ticketing Software) to AppXite Platforms, and use any payment gateway of your choice. Find the list of solutions already integrated into the platform here

What payment gateways do you support?

AppXite Platform uses Stripe to process payments by card. Partners can enable the functionality from their Settings tab.

Is it possible to have more than one platform?

If a partner has multiple brands or business units within a single organization, we can set up for these multiple instances of the platform. Each of the marketplaces can be customized with unique product catalog, branding and/or payment options.

My customers are located all over the world. Will AppXite Platform work for everyone?

AppXite Platform is a web-based marketplace hosted on Microsoft Azure. If a user has an account on the platform or is invited to create one, he/she should have no problem accessing the platform no matter the geographical location. If such login problem ever occurs, please notify AppXite support team for the issues.

What happens if I choose to stop using AppXite Platform services? 

Assuming that there are no pending invoices and all financial aspects are clear, after the partner’s request the platform would be suspended. During the termination process:

  1. Users will be removed
  2. Subscriptions will be suspended
  3. The end-customer relationship in the Partner Centre will be removed
  4. The access to the platform will be disabled
What happens to my data if I cancel an account?

The data will be returned in a requested format. If the law requires, we will keep records of it as well.

What is your policy on data protection?

AppXite values any personal data, and we, therefore, place great emphasis on protecting partners' privacy. Our Privacy Policy explains and clarifies how we, as data controller, treat our visitor’s and customer’s personal data according to (EU) 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

What kind of information does AppXite collects and processes?

AppXite’s Data Processing Terms (DPA) apply to the data collected in order platform and services by AppXite to be provisioned, as well as to the processing of data under the AppXite Platform and Service Agreement.

What kind of sign-on capabilities are available in your solution?

AppXite Platform supports 3 different login options:

  1. Work email with Azure Active Directory Account as a default log-in option
  2. A personal email with Live ID for signing into Office 365
  3. Email and password credentials for non-Microsoft partners
What are the user management capabilities available on the solution?

Every platform administrator has the power to assigned roles to AppXite Platform users. Depending on the roles, their permissions will also vary. The table here explains the permissions structure on the platform.  

Can my customers service their subscriptions themselves?

Partners can invite their customers to manage and buy products and services by themselves with the right permission roles. See roles graph here.

Does your platform support marketing customization?

AppXite Platform is a white-label solution and it can be personalized in many ways, including branding the platform with the partner’s name, logo and brand colors, or publishing it on a custom web URL. Every partner can customize their catalogs, customer segments and the marketing materials published for their own offerings.

Does the platform support multilingual user interface?

AppXite Platform is designed to have a multi-lingual interface. We currently support platforms in English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Thai. We are prepared to extend support to other languages on an as-needed basis.

Can I set custom prices for different client segments on the platform?

On AppXite Platform, partners can segment their customers and show different product catalogs to different segments. They can also manage the pricing on customer level and set prices for every customer individually.

What happens if a transaction fails?

Orders that are not processed, will be labelled with the appropriate status explaining why the transaction has failed e.g. provisioning failed due to wrong contact, email, etc. Notifications are issued to relevant parties regarding the failure and no money is transferred.

Do you support real-time notification and renewal reminders for clients?

We support real-time notifications and 2 types of automated email notifications - subscriptions notifications (Upcoming Subscription Expiry, Subscription Automatic Renewed, Subscription Renewal Error, Subscription Renewal Error, Subscription Change Error, Subscription Change Success) and order notifications (Proposal Submitted, Order Submitted, Offer Provision Error, Offer Provision Success).

Can I export data from AppXite Platform?

On AppXite Platform reports dashboard, partners can see License-based and Usage-based reports. In the Usage-based report, they can review the Consumed Quantity and Costs per each resource – which is also a data that could be exported in individual datasheets.

If I have existing customers, will I be able to migrate them and their related information to the AppXite Platform?

Sellers, whose customers have active subscriptions, can be onboarded to AppXite Platform. For these, the first invoice sum will be approximately 2 times higher than the actual subscription costs because when the billing engine receives a subscription with no billing data, it calculates it for 3 months back. But a price correction will be added to the next invoice.

Can I change my company name?

Yes, partners can do so on their organization’s profile section.

What offerings are included in AppXite product catalog?

Partners can choose to include their own offerings and/or products and services from selected niche and local ISVs or other well-known vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. Find the full list of pre-integrated to the AppXite Platform vendors here.

Can I resell multiple vendors offerings?

Partners can tailor their catalogs to suit their different customer segments, onboarding their as-a-service offerings and managed services or adding different vendors’ products to their marketplaces. AppXite Platform has existing integrations to global vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. (see the full list here) and we are open to discuss the integration of new vendors to the platform.

Is it possible to add our own offerings to your platform?

Partners can add new offerings such as their own intellectual properties, one-time products, recurring service, etc. to their catalogs. The additional offers are created vie platform’s offer configuration functionalities. When creating the new offer, partners can choose to appoint AppXite to act as their distributor (which means that AppXite will allow the offer to be sold by our entire network of sellers) or for the offer to be available on the partner’s catalog only.

Can I publish different licenses of one solution?

Using our Product Management tool vendors can publish products to AppXite Platform with multiple offers (licenses). Each offer can be customized with its own marketing materials, individual billing cycles, pricing, addons, etc.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

On AppXite Platform, vendors can create bundles of their own products and services and make them available for sellers. During the bundle's creation, the vendor can customize its offer to make it fit better the dedicated vertical with description, marketing materials, etc.

Does AppXpite Platform calculate invoices?

The invoices, partners see on their platforms, are generated automatically based on synchronized data from the vendors and are verified by AppXite.

Which currencies do AppXite Platform support?

The platform does support different currencies. However, the settlement between a seller and AppXite should be in one of the currencies provided below:

  1. Euro (EUR)
  2. Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  3. Swedish Krona (SEK)
  4. Danish Krone (DKK)
  5. Swiss Franc (CHF)
  6. Polish Zloty (PLN)
  7. British Pound (GBP)
  8. US Dollar (USD)
Does AppXite Platform store my customers’ billing data and credit card information?

On AppXite Platform, partners and customers can store their billing addresses, emails and phone numbers but the platform won't store any of their credit card data.

How do I receive payments? Does AppXite handle the money?

AppXite doesn’t get involved in the billing relationship between a seller and their customers. The sellers invoice their customers to receive their money.

How long is the billing period on the platform?

A purchase can be billed monthly or annual depending on the signed contract. Billing period’s start and end dates always have the same day (end date of a billing period is the same as the start date of the next one):

  1. For a monthly subscription, which started on 11th of November: first billing period is 11.11.2019 - 11.12.2019, second is 11.12.2019 – 11.01.2020;
  2. For an annual subscription, which started on 13th of November first billing period is 13.11.2018 – 13.11.2019, second is 13.11.2019 – 13.11.2020);
Does AppXite Platform support one-time transactions as well?

AppXite Platform supports one-time transactions with some invoicing restrictions. One-time orders are invoiced on the next billing date after the purchase with charge type one-time fee. Currently, only one-time offers purchased in a seller platform and vendor’s one-time offers are invoiced.

Can I bill my customers more than once a month?

At the start of their relationship, an invoice contract is created between a seller and its customer  – stating the billing cycle, currency, and the onboarding process. The signed contracts can name payment periods shorted than once a month.

Do you support VAT?

AppXite is VAT payer. VAT rates depend on the AppXite country of residence (which is Latvia) and Seller’s address. Partners can change their company address in their profiles.

Why should I use Invoice as a Service by AppXite?

It simplifies the complex subscription billing process and lowers the manual workload on the accounting team. Generating invoices manually is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with the service, AppXite will send invoices on your behalf to end-customers at the end of every billing cycle and in accordance with the selected charging model. The invoices will be fully branded with your logo and company name, with your corporate and bank information, etc. For more information, visit the dedicated service page

How advanced are AppXite’s dunning capabilities?

We provide dunning services only if the partner uses Invoice as a Service by AppXite. Then we can send any number of automated reminders, calculate late interest, and provide one-time fees for the service.

Do my customers need to log in every month to pay?

Customers execute their payments via a bank transfer and AppXite Platform isn't a moderator in the process. 

How much do you charge for your services?

AppXite has value-based pricing tiers. The pricing varies depending on the amount of services provided with the platform. To learn more about it, visit our Pricing page or contacts sales.

How much is AppXite Platform setup fee?

Assuming that there are no custom integrations agreed upon in the contract, there won't be any setup fee.

What is the standard fee for additional integration services?

Implementation, customization and ongoing support are included. If additional integration with the backend systems is to be performed by AppXite, it will be charged according to our agreement with you as a partner.

What is the consultancy service fees including implementation, customization and ongoing support?

Partners, wishing to discuss the additional services we provide, should contact our sales department or their dedicated CSM managers. AppXite can support its partners with GTM marketing campaigns and invoice services as well as paid support packages. The price of the services depends on the scope of the request.  

How to get help from AppXite support team?

You can reach AppXite support using our Submit a request ticketing form here. If you are a vendor, we will establish custom communication channels with you during the onboarding process. 

What are the hours of operation of your Service Desk?

AppXite Service Desk has official working hours from 9 am to 6 pm (GTM +2:00) on workdays. The support can be extended if a partner purchases additional Service Desk services.

What helpdesk software do you use?

We use Zendesk.

Do you provide vendor support?

AppXite provides Microsoft and limited CSP support for Indirect CSP sellers as per Microsoft requirements.

What happens if your whole service is down? Do you have downtime?

AppXite's ultimate goal is providing full platform functionality 24/7/365. We will notify partners 2 (two) business days in advance of such service windows via e-mail. AppXite guarantees a platform monthly uptime of 99.4%.