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AppXite's cloud marketplace is an intuitive online platform for purchasing and management of a range of powerful cloud products and services. It provides a central, user-friendly interface where you can operate and maintain every facet of your as-a-service business while giving your customers the opportunity to experience a high level of independence with our self-service tools.

AppXite Cloud Marketplace is an all-in-one engine to manage your cloud buisness

Build a cloud marketplace with AppXite

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Launch a white-label cloud marketplace to sell your own offerings and third-party products.

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Lower your transaction costs by streamlining the management of your as-a-service business.

Leverage your cloud marketplace by AppXite

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Give customers a place to purchase, access, analyse, and manage all business they make with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What offerings are included in AppXite product catalog?

Partners can choose to include their own offerings and/or products and services from selected niche and local ISVs or other well-known vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. Find the full list of pre-integrated to the AppXite Platform vendors here.

Can I set custom prices for different client segments on the platform?

On AppXite Platform, partners can segment their customers and show different product catalogs to different segments. They can also manage the pricing on customer level and set prices for every customer individually.

Can my customers service their subscriptions themselves?

Partners can invite their customers to manage and buy products and services by themselves with the right permission roles. See roles graph here.

Is it possible to add our own offerings to your platform?

Partners can add new offerings such as their own intellectual properties, one-time products, recurring service, etc. to their catalogs. The additional offers are created vie platform’s offer configuration functionalities. When creating the new offer, partners can choose to appoint AppXite to act as their distributor (which means that AppXite will allow the offer to be sold by our entire network of sellers) or for the offer to be available on the partner’s catalog only.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

On AppXite Platform, vendors can create bundles of their own products and services and make them available for sellers. During the bundle's creation, the vendor can customize its offer to make it fit better the dedicated vertical with description, marketing materials, etc.