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The Platform For Building And Managing Multi-Tier, Multi-Vendor And Multi-Cloud as-a-Service Businesses

Automating as-a-Service Businesses Delivers Direct Results on Both Top and Bottom Line

When selling cloud and as-a-Service offerings, 45-65% of the costs for vendors and sellers are related to sales, automation of the delivery process and managing customers.

It is, therefore, crucial that companies participating in digital eco-systems such as Microsoft CSP, AWS, Google, IBM, or direct Software-as-a-Service companies seek to automate and optimize the way they do business.

Allowing customers to manage and buy services without manual intervention drives down the costs, improve profits and competitiveness, boosts agility and significantly improves speed of sales with increased per-customer revenue at no additional expense. Basically it's the formula required for increasing returns as you scale the business.

AppXite multi-cloud as-a-service catalog

AppXite Platform solves both parts of the equation:

- on the cost side, by facilitating the effortless management of offerings, subscriptions, pricing and price plans, quotations, billing and invoicing;

- and on the sales side, by enabling sales on your own website through a digital solutions catalog; 

Don't let manual processes burn your XaaS profit.


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