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Unlock the Full Growth Potential of Your XaaS Business Through an Automated Quote-to-Cash Engine

product configuration on appxite's Managed Service Platform

The AppXite Platform is a cloud commerce platform for selling, billing, and provisioning subscription and consumption licenses, managed services, and product bundles. It provides a user-friendly management interface where you can operate and maintain every aspect of your business (from quote to cash) and where your customers and sales organization can leverage a high level of automation and the independence provided by our self-service features. The Platform eliminates the need for manual time-consuming financial operational tasks to free up your time for business scaling initiatives.

On the AppXite Platform, MSPs will onboard their own managed services to a product catalog and create single-vendor or multi-vendor bundles to respond to customers’ demand for complete solutions sales vs. outdated product sales.

Managed Service Platform with multi-vendor integrations by AppXite

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Strengthen Your Unique Value Proposition

Build catalogs of key products, services and bundles to guide customers seamlessly to purchases and upgrades.

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Streamline the Provisioning and Billing Processes

Automate & standardize the fulfilment and billing processes for any product, service or bundle sold from your platform.

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Unify Operations with an All-In-One Platform

Build, sell, deliver, and operate multi-cloud, SaaS, and managed services catalog with self-service and automation.

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Go-To-Market with a Versatile Multi-Vendor Catalog

Expand your portfolio with 3rd party solutions to sell alongside your offerings. Cut integration time & costs with AppXite.

Adopt a Single Platform for All of Your Cloud Commerce Activities

Get your portfolio to market quickly and cost-effectively. Use our Product Management tool to onboard offerings and create bundles for your customer segments and verticals.

To boost bundling success, any of our existing 100+ vendor integrations can be added to your marketplace on request. Or you can leverage our integration capabilities to extend your catalog further. The marketplace performs equally well in supporting the provisioning, billing and subscription management of any vendors' solutions on the market. 

create service bundle on appxite's Managed Service Platform

Take Your XaaS Billing to The Next Level

Don’t hold back your business growth by working with old-school legacy processes and systems. 

The AppXite Platform makes it very easy to enrich your managed services and cloud solutions portfolio with new products and offers and pair them with simple or advanced pricing schemes, edit prices, set up margins or discounts, and create custom CPQ quotes in no time.

Control the solutions you have live and their profit without a middleman.

create pricings schemes on appxite's Managed Service Platform

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