Contract Management


This one would be challenging to unravel. Let’s start from the top – what is a contract in this context? A software contract is an agreement between the buyer and the software/service provider. All participants of the channel are connected by those contracts – distributor to the seller, seller to end-customer, MSPs to customers.. endless combinations.

Contract management is the process of managing agreements, from their creation to their execution by the chosen party, and to the eventual termination of the contract. AppXite Partner Agreement is designed to govern different types of relationships between AppXite and partners. We can also help manage the contracts. By enabling contract lifecycle management functionality, we help our partners to ensure that the legal documentation supports all levels of product distribution. Partner is able to upload and place its legal documentation (e.g. terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc.) to the AppXite Platform so that such documentation is displayed on the page and is accepted by the customer before purchasing the product.