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AppXite’s dedication to attracting and hiring the best talents is the key to any growth and success we have. Our staff continually striving toward supporting company objectives while remaining committed to each other, to our partners, and our core values.

Who are we?
What is the AppXite Platform?

Our Belief System is Simple

Paving the way for you to blossom professionally, nurture know-how and learn new skills.

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Personal Growth

We have a clearly stated career path system accommodating employee's new interests.

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We encourage our people to develop a self-starter attitude rather dependable one.

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We cultivate an environment of cooperation, active assistance, & honest appreciation.

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We believe good ideas come from people with different views & backgrounds.

Building a Tight Community

We offer our staff continuous skill training to develop relevant competencies and advance their careers. Competitive salaries keep motivation high and attract foreign talent. As our work involves a great deal of collaboration, integrity and effective communication are essential. AppXite maintains a start-up mentality and manages with an open-minded leadership style. This effectively cultivates a wholesome, productive community dedicated to achieving professional goals.

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Diana Bobrova

Onboarding and Integrations Technical Lead

“Imagine spending every minute of the working day surrounded by friendly, like-minded, and supportive people. This company is a true family, with everyone contributing under an atmosphere of altruistic symbiosis. When the occasional problem arises due to unforeseen circumstance, market fluctuation, or the inevitable fragility of the human condition, it is resolved under the attention of a cohesive, group effort.”

Mariya Todorova

Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist

“Everyone likes to feel valued at work. Rather than the critique, ridicule, and error-oriented focus that some other companies engage in, AppXite leadership put their attention and energy into highlighting the strengths of employees - reinforcing those positive aspects. It’s a strategy that takes earnest, honest communication. This bond can be hard to achieve sometimes, but that’s what it takes to build the type of teamwork we enjoy here.”


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