Cloud Aggregator Platform Provider

Transact IBM as-a-Service Offerings as a Cloud Aggregator with One of The Few Globally Approved IBM Platform Providers

IBM Cloud Aggregator Platform by AppXite

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IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller (CMR):

an IBM indirect XaaS reseller

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IBM Cloud Aggregator (CA):

an IBM XaaS distributor 


Cloud Aggregator Platform Provider:

a partner whose marketplace meets IBM business requirements 

To transact IBM XaaS as Cloud Marketplace Resellers (CMR), organizations need to partner with an IBM Cloud Aggregator (CA). The Cloud Aggregators provide Go-To-Market support and a cloud marketplace for resellers to operate their IBM as-a-service businesses on. Cloud Aggregators can leverage their own in-house developed cloud marketplaces as part of their CA offering (if it covers IBM marketplace requirements) or partner with a Cloud Aggregator Platform Provider (as AppXite) to enable IBM XaaS sales for their channels. 

Kickstarts your IBM XaaS Success

• Sell IBM cloud software with lightning speed and self-service. Enjoy the shorter sales cycles and software trials as well as the attractive margins. 

• By partnering CMR with Cloud Aggregators, IBM ensures that all of its sellers will have from day one a web-based platform to sell, bill and provision subscriptions.

• IBM digitally enables top-performing software solutions so they can be onboarded on IBM Partner Marketplaces, and to be sold and bundled with other SaaS solutions.

• IBM takes care of the end-user support instead of the Cloud Marketplace Resellers or Cloud Aggregators.


AppXite's Silver Business Partner badge by IBM

Overcome the Competition with AppXite as Your Platform Provider

With the CA programs, IBM spotlights modern IBM partners with cloud experience, a grasp on digital marketing, and the capability to assist resellers with their SaaS growth. Successful CAs are able to transform their value-added services and deliver a meaningful impact on resellers’ IT channels, ultimately shaping their differentiator's position.

Partnering with AppXite will help you establish your own Cloud Aggregator business leveraging our platform. 


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The AppXite Platform is one of the first marketplaces that brought IBM as-a-service offerings to the market. We are still the only platform in the world providing integrations to all IBM offerings that also allows the configuration, purchasing and provisioning of individual services within the IBM Cloud. 

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Configure IBM Cloud resources directly from your AppXite Platform with a couple of clicks

IBM SaaS Solutions Available on AppXite Platform

IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud
Aspera on Cloud
Aspera on Cloud
Watson Studio
Watson Studio
IBM Storage Insights
IBM Storage Insights

Advantages of Becoming an IBM CMR with a CA support

Dealing with cloud offerings instead of on-premise products means that you transact best-priced IBM software with attractive discounts and margins and give customers the highest flexibility in their choices. CMRs can use the full capabilities of a platform like ours and a partner ecosystem: we can enable your business by acting as your CA or by connecting you with a more suitable Cloud Aggregator from our ecosystem.


Own customers

IBM’s distribution model prioritizes customer ownership. Since this model eliminates direct contact between IBM and end-customers, sellers solidly own the customer data.

revenue growth

Grow revenue

Increase value proposition leveraging cloud aggregator’s support and reselling or bundling IBM offerings for attractive margins with other vendor’s relevant solutions.

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Accelerate GTM

IBM Reseller model requires no sales certification or up-front investment which rapidly speeds up the Go-To-Market process & allow sellers to focus on doing business.

collect outstanding bills

Collect incentives

Commit to a certain amount of subscriptions sold to end-customers to collect a retail discount from IBM in the form of a credit - the longer the term, the higher the discount.

Expand Your Business With Multi-Cloud, Multi-Vendor Offerings

As AppXite's business has always been 100% cloud-focused, we understand your customers’ business challenges, and most often this means utilizing technologies from multiple cloud platforms and vendors. After we set up your IBM Cloud Aggregator Platform, you will meet our partner success team. It will introduce you to our complimentary cloud services and solutions to address the needs of your customers.

Scale your solution portfolio instantly: no training, additional staff, or meeting the requirements for multiple seller programs.

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