Adobe VIP Marketplace Platform

Simplify and Automate the Purchasing, Provisioning, and Billing Processes of Your Adobe VIP Marketplace Business with AppXite

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Offer a Next-Gen Adobe Purchasing Experience to Your Customers & Partners

Adobe Direct Partners can take full advantage of the AppXite & Adobe integration without expensive investments and time-consuming migration, allowing for fast and visible scale, a better customer and sales experience, and increased revenue. With VIP Marketplace Program, customers can buy a range of Adobe subscriptions by themselves via self-service and a simplified process that encompasses ordering, provisioning, invoicing and renewals. 

Product Catalog

Simplified Product Management with Integrated Adobe Catalog

AppXite's pre-built integration with Adobe allows you to launch Adobe VIP Marketplace without expensive investments and time-consuming migration. The powerful Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) engine empowers Adobe Direct Partners with a user-friendly catalog, eliminating thousands of product SKUs.

Adobe Purchasing

Pricing Configuration

Automated Volume Discount Pricing Levels

Enjoy the seamless integration with Adobe during the process of offer configuration and pricing with automated volume tiering discounts and transparent pricing information all in a single view without leaving the AppXite platform. 

Adobe Product Configuration

Billing & Provisioning

Take Full Advantage of Billing & Provisioning Automation

AppXite will handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. The AppXite Platform integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own invoicing system. 
Reconciliation and reporting

Customer Experience

Auto-Renewals, Anniversary Dates & Cancellations

Adopt new operational tools like self-service purchases, automated contract renewals, 14-day purchase cancellations, etc. Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value by avoiding churn around renewal time and adding a layer of business transparency even with an increased number of purchases and billing workloads. 

Adobe for teams on an Adobe VIP Platform by AppXite


AppXite ❤️ Integrations

Our extensive API infrastructure lets our partners easily integrate the AppXite Platform with their own webstores or marketplaces, ERP, CRM, & other systems, automatically update the products and offers published, extract billing & reporting data or use the data the AppXite Platform collects to manage subscriptions & consumption of your applications.


API Management

Sofia Thesander

Atea Sweden

"Before AppXite, Atea relied on a manual and time-consuming process with at least 3 different teams involved with every single sales transaction: the sales, renewal, & order departments, requiring a significant amount of back-and-forth communication and resulting in purchasing delays.

Now all works seamlessly without any manual work!"

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Expand Your Business With Multi-Cloud, Multi-Vendor Offerings

AppXite's business has always been multi-cloud and multi-vendor focused by understanding the business challenges of your customers, and most often this means utilizing technologies from multiple cloud platforms and vendors. AppXite empowers sellers, distributors, telcos, and MSPs to transact subscriptions, solutions, and product bundles from leading vendors like MicrosoftAWSIBMGoogle, Adobe, VMware, etc. as well as their own managed service or developed solutions.

Marketplace CPQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need one more system - a cloud marketplace - to manage?

The VIP Markpetlce program allows you to manage one system less as you may already have a marketplace for your Microsoft or IBM sales. Choosing a marketplace that supports also Adobe VIP Marketplace will cut down on the ordering, provisioning and invoicing admin.

Can the AppXite Platform support my other as-a-service businesses?

The AppXite Platform is a multi-cloud, multi-vendor and multi-tier platform that supports a wide variety of vendor ecosystems and delivery models (direct and indirect sales).

Why would customers buy subscriptions if they have perpetual licenses?

Perpetual licenses don't guarantee customers access to the latest Adobe upgrades. 

Can I create Adobe bundles?

Depending on your marketplace capabilities, you can create Adobe product bundles as well as multi-vendor solution bundles for your verticals. 

What makes me eligible for the VIP Marketplace program?

You have to be a Direct Partner of Adobe - either a Platinum Partner or a Distributor.

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