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Automate your Direct Sales Motion or Join a Multi-Channel Network to Conquer New Markets with AppXite's SaaS Management Platform

appxite's SaaS management platform for Vendors

Lead-to-cash for “as-a-service”​

The AppXite Platform for SaaS companies and digital enterprises operates their digital business models, allowing them to grow their business globally through both direct sales and channels. AppXite acts as an aggregator between sellers of SaaS solutions, major platform providers, and the end customers who accelerate their businesses by using them. Being the digital content aggregation platform between ERP, CRM, and marketing automation systems is what puts us in a unique position to power digital sales.

support the entire lead to cash process on appxite's SaaS management platform for Vendors

Pick the Right Model For Your Success

Select a partner model and platform that can advance your business models and partnerships. AppXite's SaaS management platform for vendors services all cloud business channel partners - end-customers, sellers, distributors, and their semantic variations - VAR, MSP, SI, etc. It is versatile to satisfy many different business scenarios.

appxite platform supports your direct sales for SaaS vendors

Direct Sales

appxite platform supports your direct sales channel for SaaS vendors

Direct Sellers

appxite platform supports your indirect channel for SaaS vendor

Indirect Sellers

Todd Törnquist

CCO at Hive Streaming

At Hive Streaming, we solve the enterprise video distribution challenge with software – no hardware or additional bandwidth required. As a result of our partnership with AppXite, we have reached some of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises who wish to embrace video in their corporate communications.

Benefits for Software Vendors

AppXite provides competence, proprietary tools, a commercial platform, and GTM services for rapidly onboarding software companies and transforms all channel partners to a cloud delivery model.​ Vendors can enable direct sales, utilize the platform to manage their own distribution or sales channels or use AppXites existing sales channel.  

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Reduce Cost

Lower the transaction cost of your as-a-service business by automating purchase, provisioning, and billing for sellers and customers.

grow revenue

Increase in Revenue

Using a cloud commerce platform allows you to scale direct sales and can give you access to channel partners that are using it today already.

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Reduce Time to Market

Launch your offerings within days and use existing distributor and seller agreements to start your GTM immediately.

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Increase Customer Value

Let sellers and customers manage their subscriptions and provide accurate consumption and billing data to them.

SaaS Management Platform to Transact Your Own Solutions

Take control over what your customers find, try, and buy. Manage product visibility, tagging, categorization, and placement. Create bundles with preferential pricing, offer discounts, mark prices up or down, and run trials to drive purchase behavior. Bring in additional revenue by upselling add-ons and services with your subscription plans. Let your customers purchase complementary one-offs when subscribing to your product or service.
appxite SaaS management platform for Vendors automates the selection of addons for every vendor solution sold
Our simple, modern purchase flow is optimized for fast checkout and to help customers maintain focus. This dynamic checkout enables multi-product purchases with discounts, bundles, and all forms of payment methods.
add as many add-ons to you shipping carts as needed on SaaS management platform for Vendors by AppXite

Automated Provisioning and Fulfilment

Provision Everything-as-a-Service

Provision of all solutions on-demand providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they purchase them. Set up new offers or managed services quickly through a simple semi-automated process or connect your existing fulfillment system to AppXite's platform for streamlined SaaS management. 



support automated provision of your solutions on appxite's SaaS management platform for Vendors

Track and Manage Subscriptions Throughout the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Optimize your sales performance by enabling customers and account executives to buy, quote, track, and self-manage subscriptions. Let them upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscriptions and purchase add-ons based on their ongoing needs.



optimize the subscription management efforts with appxite platform

Flexible and Automated Recurring Billing that Elastically Scales with Your Growth

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. The AppXite Platform integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system. Set up custom billing cycles for both consumption and subscription-based transactions.



manage the prices and price changes of your solutions by yourself directly on your appxite marketplace for vendors

Sell Through A Global Sales Network

As a software vendor, you know that using a sales channel can generate more business and increase revenue without hiring a sales team on your side. However, it is important to choose a sales channel that suits your business model and adds value for your potential customers while helping you guide them through the software buying process. Sellers build, operate, service, support, & invoice customers.

Many sellers specialize in certain industries such as finance or healthcare, so they understand the regulations and technical requirements of their customers. Thus, they can provide customized software with greater detail and efficiency. As you see now, there are many reasons to find a sales partner.

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