Subscription Management,
Billing & Integration Platform
for Software Vendors

Automate the sales of your own as-a-service offerings across multiple marketplaces with a centralized management and billing platform

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Launch and Scale Your Own Solution Through Multiple Paths to the Market

With the AppXite Platform, you can build, manage and grow your own network of partners, distributors, and resellers or sell directly to your customers while exposing your offerings to the entire AppXite partner ecosystem.


Sell and bundle your own solutions and managed services

Make your direct sales more effective with AppXite Platforms' automation and extensive integration capabilities specifically designed for the needs of software vendors.

An all-in-one fully scalable commercial platform addresses expanding direct selling demands for building configurable offers with complex billing logic and pricing models, centralized products and subscription management, billing, automatic provisioning, and sales analytics.


Leverage direct sales contracts with your strategic partners

Build your own sales channel strategy with strategic partners and automate the product management, billing and provisioning of their solutions. Leverage the AppXite marketplace or integrate with your own webstore to handle purchasing.

Enable value-added resellers to buy your product and bundle it with similar products or additional services through the state-of-the-art Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) engine.

Vendor Marketplace Catalog

Build your own ecosystem through a distribution model

The distribution model plays a very important part in your software’s monetization potential. With the AppXite Platform, you can establish a worldwide distribution to enlarge your portfolio and give direct access to your partners to product configuration, pricing and quoting while ensuring smooth billing, automatic provisioning and ability to track your sales performance down to a single offer or subscription level. 


Expose your offerings to AppXite's platform partners' ecosystem

Cloud commerce is growing by leaps and software vendors can't afford to sell in a single marketplace anymore. 

The AppXite Platform is a great solution to accelerate revenue generation through multiple marketplaces within the AppXite partner ecosystem - list your own offerings, co-sell and scale transactions easily, cost-effectively and in record time, while managing your offers in a single product hub. 

Create Offer Configuration
Key Features of the AppXite Platform

A Platform Dedicated to Vendor's Success & Revenue Growth




Get a fully branded storefront or leverage the AppXite platform as a backend solution for your own webstore.




Integrate the AppXite Platform with your own webstores or marketplaces, ERP, CRM, & other business applications. 



 Product Management

Create and price your own solutions for any billing model and business logic, and manage all from a single location.



 Billing Automation

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation.




Automate order fulfillment of as-a-service products and services to reduce operational costs and streamline delivery. 



 Sales Analytics

Track your sales performance across your channel and subscription metrics along with important KPIs.



 Channel Management

Synchronize and consolidate your product information, pricing, and subscription data across all channel.



 Multiple Marketplaces

Sell your products on multiple marketplaces within AppXite partners' ecosystem or integrate with other cloud marketplaces. 

Trusted by Leading Tech Companies Across the Globe

Liquid Intelligent Technologies
Liquid Intelligent Technologies
Live Arena
Live Arena

Todd Törnquist

CCO at Hive Streaming

At Hive Streaming, we solve the enterprise video distribution challenge with software – no hardware or additional bandwidth required. As a result of our partnership with AppXite, we have reached some of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises who wish to embrace video in their corporate communications.


AppXite ❤️ Integrations

Our extensive API infrastructure lets software vendors easily integrate the AppXite Platform with their own webstores or marketplaces, ERP, CRM, & other systems, automatically update the products and offers published, extract billing & reporting data or use the data the AppXite Platform collects to manage subscriptions & consumption of your applications.




API Management

Tools to Integrate with the AppXite Platform:


AppXite applies an API-first approach. Nearly all APIs can be used externally to implement your own custom logic and work with the AppXite platform in a headless mode.

CPQ Presenter  

Embedded to any modern browser it allows to build forms and define pricing for your licenses ensuring that prices presented to a user are accurate and based on requirements.


Define your own actions based on events from the platform, e.g. – on a subscription license count change request you create a service request in the CRM system.

AppXite Integrations (AI)

AI is a no-code tool to configure provisioning and license change flows in the platform, and transform data from one format to another when executing the requests.

Product Management

Create Offers with Any Billing Model or Business Logic

With the AppXite Platform, you can have one centralized location for all product and pricing information in a singular, user-friendly interface that ensures a guided and accurate sales process. Our state-of-the-art Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) engine enables vendors to create flexible subscription offers with any desirable setup, product billing and business logic.  


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Subscription Billing

Flexible & Automated Recurring Billing That Scales With Your Growth

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. The AppXite Platform integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system. Set up custom billing cycles for both consumption and subscription-based transactions.



Automatic Provisioning

Automate Order Fulfillment & Seamless Cloud Product Delivery in a Seconds

Provision all solutions on-demand providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they purchase them. Set up new offers or managed services quickly through a simple semi-automated process or connect your existing fulfillment system to the platform.


support automated provision of your solutions on appxite's SaaS management platform for Vendors

Sales Analytics & Reporting

Track all Your Sales Data Down to a Single Offer or Subscription Level

Use AppXite built-in reports to keep track of all the subscription metrics along with important KPIs like sales margins, upcoming renewals, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, and customer lifetime value. 


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Benefits for Software Vendors

A commercial platform with extensive integration capabilities to rapidly onboard and scale software vendors.




Reduce Cost

Lower the transaction cost of your as-a-service business by automating purchase, provisioning, and billing for sellers and customers.




Increase Revenue

Using a cloud commerce platform allows you to scale direct sales and can give you access to channel partners that are using it today already.




Reduce Time to Market

Launch your offerings within days and use existing distributor and seller agreements to start your GTM immediately. 




Increase Customer Value

Let sellers and customers manage their subscriptions and provide accurate consumption and billing data to them.

More Features

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Marketplace blur

Marketplace Setup

Launch a white-label marketplace to sell your own offerings and managed services.

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Enable multi-product purchases with discounts, bundles, and all forms of payment methods.

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Subscription Management

Let your customers buy, quote, track, and self-manage subscriptions. 

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Price Management

Edit fees, mark-ups and price logics for products and services of a multi-vendors catalog.

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Customer Self-Service

Minimize transaction costs by giving customers control over their subscription processes. 

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Customer Management

Create different catalogs for different customer segments with unique price logic. 

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Contract management

Contract Management

Govern which offers, solutions and vendors are available for resellers to transact.

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Make accounting easier with automated and customizable exchange rates.

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