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Connect AppXite with your own e-commerce solutions, business applications, vendor ecosystems, or cloud marketplaces to make
it all work together seamlessly.

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A Fully Integrable Product Management and Billing Platform

Built with connectivity and flexibility in mind, the AppXite platform enable smooth data synchronization with third-party systems and solutions. It reduces development efforts integrating with existing e-commerce solutions, ERP, CRM, or vendor ecosystems and allows you to manage your subscription business according to your specific requirements.

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E-commerce & Webstores


Leverage AppXite as a backend solution for your existing e-commerce or webstore to remain your unified shopping experience while automating all your subscription business in the back. 




Business Applications


Make all your business tech stack work together seamlessly. Connect AppXite with any ERP, CRM, or Accounting system to fully automate your business processes and boost productivity.




Vendor Ecosystems


Grow your as-a-service business through AppXite pre-built integrations to the industry hyper scalers like Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Google, AWS, etc., and to niche independent software vendors.

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Public Cloud Marketplaces


Scale your sales by listing your offering in public clouds like Google, AWS, and Microsoft while managing products, billing, and subscriptions in one centralized platform. 

Integration Tools

Empower Your Integration Success With Our Developer Tools

Our integrations offer seamless connectivity between your subscription management system and various third-party applications, allowing you to effortlessly synchronize data, automate workflows, and enhance overall efficiency with a suite of developer tools, including webhooks, APIs, and thorough recipes and documentation to get you started.



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Tools to Integrate With AppXite Platform


Build your own custom logic, deliver more quickly, and interact with the AppXite features programmatically with our well-established API infrastructure.

Embeddable panels 

Display the products, their configuration logic, and pricing straight on your own hosted e-commerce interface, marketplace, or on other external sites.

No-code tools

Configure provisioning and license change flows in the platform, and transform data from one format to another when executing the requests without writing any code.

Pre-built integrations

Connect AppXite with the leading IT ecosystem vendors and their product catalogs, including Microsoft, Google, AWS, Adobe, IBM, VMware, etc., and enjoy seamless data sync..

E-commerce & Marketplaces

Connect AppXite With Your Existing E-commerce Solution

Do you have an existing e-commerce solution, marketplace, or webstore that ensures excellent customer experience and caters to your business needs? Leverage the AppXite platform as a back-end solution to automate subscription management, pricing, billing, and provisioning while keeping a unified e-commerce experience for your customers. 

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Business Applications

Make All Your Tech Stack Work Together Seamlessly

Discover the seamless interconnection between AppXite and your current business systems, including CRM, ERP, ITSM, and beyond. Experience unparalleled automation and productivity across your subscription purchasing, billing, and invoicing processes. Our robust integration not only streamlines your operations but also catalyzes your ability to manage your subscription model efficiently.

Built-in Apps

Vendor Integrations

Pre-Built Leading Vendor Ecosystems

Apxite's integrations with the leading vendor ecosystems allow you to launch the product catalog of these vendors with no additional development. Distribute vendor catalog across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems, while reducing complexity and time to market. Build your own ecosystem of partners and resellers to scale your business worldwide.


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External Marketplaces

List and Manage Offers in Multiple External Marketplaces

With AppXite you can list your offers in the leading cloud marketplaces while managing the products, pricing, and billing in the same platform you already do your own subscription business. Whether you are transacting your own subscription business or looking to expand your reach, AppXite maximizes your visibility and grows your business by harnessing the power of the global cloud marketplace ecosystem.

Public Cloud Marketplaces

Trusted by Leading Tech Companies Across the Globe

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Peter Makarov

Director Technology Partner Program at Acronis

"The level of automation and intelligence of AppXite integration makes it much simpler for Acronis partners to tailor their offerings, easily deploy, bill, and manage Acronis’ cyber protection services.”