Subscription Management

Reduce friction and improve customer service by introducing self-service to the subscriber’s lifecycle

Manage the subscriptions of your SaaS business
Customer self-service

Grant Customers a Nimble Subscription Managing Experience

Minimize transaction costs by giving customers more control over their subscription processes. More specifically, this means that clients can have full autonomy regarding adding, suspending and changing subscriptions, viewing billing/consumption data, and managing account-related information. With the implementation of AppXite’s customer-facing platform, clients are given the tools to act as their own account managers.



manage subscription business on appxite platform

Renew or Cancel Subscriptions

With self-service catalog functionalities for adding, changing, or canceling subscriptions, customers have the power to act on their own. Clients can act on their own initiative, so sales relationships remain simple and pleasant.

self-service upgrades and downgrades

Upgrade or Downgrade Subscriptions

Generate additional revenue by supporting subscription upgrades. This can be done by offering different pricing plans and through adding services/add-ons to the buyers’ journey.

Plan management

Reduce Subscriber Churn by Offering Attractive Pricing Structures

AppXite cloud and billing platform allows the creation of agile subscription billing plans that reduce reliance on one-price-fits-all scenarios. Broadcasting different revenue models (fixed, usage-based, etc.) and billing frequencies align pricing strategies with customer consumption models, value as-a-service products, and contemporary subscription business needs.

reduce subscribers churn with the right product prices


Increase the Value of your Catalog via Smart Bundling

Secure additional revenue by increasing the lifetime value of customers via upselling and cross-selling. Entire subscribers with attractive upselling solutions and services as add-on recommendations. Finally, create product offers fitting specifically tailored verticals with bundling software via AppXite’s multi-vendor cloud platform.
upsell products to generate higher revenue
Trial & promotion

Acquire and Retain Customers with Discounts and Trials

Configure trials and promotions directly through AppXite’s subscription managing platform. Modify discounts as single-use, cyclically applied, occurring in perpetuity, or during a specified time period.

dollar sign

Free Trial

Create free, frictionless buyer’s journey offering trials that allow prospects to test solutions and transition them into paying customers.

invoice sign

Pricing Promotion

Create custom pricing offers within service catalogs to entice specific customers.

Lifecycle management

Keep up with Every Customer Lifecycle Event

Sustain customer relationships beyond the sign-up process. Over time, each story aggregates a history of renewals, plan changes, personalized pricing, and promotional offers that can all be managed through the AppXite Platform. Eliminate compounding management burdens by having a centralized single interface to track subscription activities. This ensures everything is logged and nothing is lost.
Manage all subscriptions in a single interface
Auto communication

Reduce Human Involvement in Transactional Communication

Make actions scalable by removing redundant tasks and limiting wasted manhours. Send event-triggered communication to customers via system-generated transactional emails. Customize these communications according to brand books, company’s tone of voice, etc. Then, AppXite’s automated platform will deliver these messages on your behalf. This ensures that you never fail to transmit key data to customers as they move along a the customer journey.

welcome emails

Welcome Emails

The system can issue welcome emails new customers.

end-of-trial emials

End-of-trial Emails

Remainder emails are sent out to customers 3 days before their trails end.

change of plan email

Change-of-plans Emails

An email will be delivered to customers when they upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscriptions.

renewal emails

Renewal-notice Emails

Customers will be alerted when the renewal time for their subscription is approaching.

after purchase emails

Receipt-after-purchase Email

A notification for successful transaction will be sent out after a purchase is processed.

email notifications


Automate other types of transactional correspondence relative to business needs.

Contract management

Streamline Procurement & Processing of Agreements

Find easily the how and what you can sell with your platform. AppXite’s cloud platform has specialized, built-in solutions for administration of work contacts and agreements. With set of configuration rules, the platform governs which offers, solutions and vendors are available for resellers to transact and in which currencies based on different variables e.g. geolocation. To avoid documentation clutter, AppXite keeps contract management active on the back end of the platform in a single page.

Manage all contracts with your vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my customers service their subscriptions themselves?


Can I set custom prices for different client segments on the platform?

Yes, we provide demo accounts upon request. Please contact us if interested in a free “test drive” of the platform

Do you support real-time notification and renewal reminders for clients?

Yes, we support real-time notification and send automated email renewal reminders.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

Yes, we support offer bundling.