Why 80% of IBM Resellers Need to Change How They Sell Software

Why 80% of IBM Resellers Need to Change How They Sell Software

Recently, IBM is shifting toward a brand-new customer-centric partner model with IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller program. The new motion might replace traditional on-premise licenses sales with a two-tiered software distribution process for all of IBM SaaS solutions.

IBM is fueling the modern era of XaaS solution resale

Is this a good opportunity for resellers?

Businesses don’t migrate to subscription sales on a whim. This option turns out to be the only way to create customer value in the current market. To stay competitive, any and all software portfolios must include “as-a-Service” offerings, or it will only appeal to small customers or niche groups – gradually losing market value.

Customers don’t want to own software; they want to experience it without fussing over maintenance

As subscription providers like NETFLIX have become almost universally recognized, it’s increasingly apparent that people prefer the flexibility of consumption relative to owning. And with this program, IBM is enables cloud resellers to grab additional market share in the emerging IBM “as a Service” ecosystem.

IBM speeds up SaaS reseller digital transformation

IBM’s Cloud Marketplace Reseller program was created to protect the interests of resellers – this means customers, investments, status, etc. This is causing a huge shift in the IBM indirect sales channel.

Under the Cloud Marketplace Reseller program, IBM sells cloud solutions via 3rd party marketplaces (IBM Partner Marketplaces) using cloud aggregators (CAs). These aggregators are middlemen between IBM and resellers, bringing IBM XaaS offerings to the channel via their own own cloud marketplaces.

Why is this program important to you?

The IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller program is the only way how reseller transact IBM SaaS solutions to end-customers. This is an excellent scenario to grow SaaS business with nice margins, automated provisioning, billing and subscriptions management and great upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

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