Cloud, SaaS & Reseller – what’s wrong and how to fix it

Cloud, SaaS & Reseller – what’s wrong and how to fix it

The subscription economy has arrived.

Software vendors today are reacting to a slew of changes in the industry - from technology models shifting from on-premise to SaaS, to new business models of pay-as-you-go instead of perpetual licensing. The critical point of this transformation is its impact on distribution channels.

Platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are being increasingly commoditized — simply reselling IaaS and PaaS is no longer enough to scale.

Automated solutions, like marketplaces and cloud platforms, promise fast enablement of the subscription lifestyle. They simplify billing and reduce time-to-market. However, the market is immature and poor decisions are expensive.

The video below starts with an introduction regarding the different types of Resellers. This precedes an explanation of why most cloud platforms in the market, even self-developed ones, will fail sometime in the future of “Everything as a Service” and Digital Sales.

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