WEBINAR: Cloud, SaaS & Reseller – what’s wrong and how to fix it

WEBINAR: Cloud, SaaS & Reseller – what’s wrong and how to fix it

This webinar will be conducted by Ronny Broker, VP Channel at AppXite, on Jan. 17 at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m (GTM +02:00). Bookmark the link to the webinar destination so you don't miss the event. If you would like an email reminder before the we air, let us know by filling in the form on the sidebar. That same form can be used to request a recording of this webinar, in case you can't attend or wish to review later on.

The subscription economy has arrived. Software vendors today are reacting to a slew of changes in the industry - from technology models shifting from on-premise to SaaS, to new business models of pay-as-you-go instead of perpetual licensing. The critical point of this transformation is its impact on distribution channels.

  • How can Resellers and Distributors benefit from the growing importance of recurring revenue and customer acquisition cost?

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are being increasingly commoditized — simply reselling IaaS and PaaS is no longer enough to scale.

  • What does a good subscription service look like in 2019?
  • How can I stand out and grow a profitable business around these commodities?

Automated solutions, like marketplaces and cloud platforms, promise fast enablement of the subscription lifestyle. They simplify billing and reduce time-to-market. However, the market is immature and poor decisions are expensive.

  • What kind of automation platform is needed for VARs or MSPs?
  • What special requirements do an LSP or LAR have while transforming customers to the cloud?
  • Are Telco providers really that special?

The webinar will start with an introduction regarding the different types of Resellers. This precedes an explanation of why most cloud platforms in the market, even self-developed ones, will fail sometime in the future of “Everything as a Service” and Digital Sales.

Join this webinar for practical insights and advice about:
  • Challenges that software and cloud vendors face while enabling channels to sell SaaS enabled versions
  • Top concerns with channel partner performance in the Cloud and SaaS world
  • Technology investments necessary for supporting and equipping channels in order to build long-term relationships with end-customers
  • Necessary changes in marketing and sales organizations