Cloud Commerce Platform

Ideal Purchase Experience And Self-service Drive Higher Sales And Returning Customers.


AppXite’s Cloud Commerce Platform is a white-label cloud sales portal for both ISVs and Resellers.  It serves to enable the configuration, provisioning and management of cloud technologies so you can scale, and achieve extraordinary growth for your small, medium or enterprise business. No other platform gives you the power to create such a unique, limitless, and engaging experience.

Providing easy access to automated provisioning, billing, and customer management are all key elements. Decreasing the complex challenges of managing various cloud services, the procurement process. Customers love using both our self-service and reporting functionalities. Determine pricing yourself and add additional margin for top-level support. 


Here is all you need

Subscription Management@2x

Subscription Management

Give your customers the ability to self-manage their subscriptions and add-ons.

Onetime _ Recurring Payment@2x

One-time & Recurring Payment

Scale in raising recurring cash collection and let the customer pay the way they want.

Subscription Analytics@2x

Subscription Analytics

Get real-time analytics on business performance and customer engagement by having your key orders, billings, cash, and revenue metrics at any point at any time.



Create multi-level pricing plans for each product in the catalog by combining different pricing strategies without double data entry into your website CMS.

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An end-to-end platform helps companies compete and scale in the digital economy

Build an individual cloud product catalog customized to both your market and customers while customizing your marketplace with company logos, color schemes, and individual marketing content. Grow your business by offering every solution your customers need.

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Let your customers buy, pay, provision, and manage cloud services with ease

Streamline the order-to-activation process for your customers. Let them order cloud services at a click of a button, activate automatically provisioned services on the spot, and self-manage them through your Cloud Commerce Platform.

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Track and manage subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle

Your relationship with a customer extends beyond sign up and continues throughout the customer’s life. Over time, each customer builds a history of renewals, plan changes, personalized pricing, and promotional offers that you can manage through our Cloud Commerce Platform. As your business scales, we eliminate the compounding management burden by providing a centralized interface to track all subscription activity, ensuring everything is logged and nothing is lost.

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Management-friendly reporting backed by analyst-friendly extracts

Build real-time cost reports for customer subscriptions and Azure consumption. As your product catalog becomes more sophisticated, so do your reporting needs. Use filtering to better understand adoption, retention, price elasticity, and much more across your portfolio.

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