What does NCE mean for the business?

What does NCE mean for the business?

Microsoft's New Commerce Experience for seat-based products has arrived!

The NCE for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 was made generally available on Jan. 10th, 2022. And it got the ball rolling!

February seems to be this year's webinar month with hundreds of live events happening daily blasting educational information about what NCE is and why Microsoft is changing its CSP licensing program. 

AppXite launched its education campaign back in November 2021 with the New Commerce Experience: Pitfalls & Easter eggs webinar. And as a platform provider to many Indirect Providers and CSP resellers, already supports the New Commerce offerings on its catalog. 

What is important now?

By now, most of the affected parties have at least an idea of how to support operationally the new offerings.

However, we have noticed that an important conversation is missing in the Microsoft community: the one of what would NCE mean for the 2022 business strategy. Because while making sure that you support NCE on your marketplace, will solve a lot of business challenges - it won't automatically convert the legacy revenue into an NCE revenue. 

Though, the time to act upon your NCE business strategy has arrived: Microsoft already has in motion things that affect or will soon affect you and your partners like:

  • - 2 timebound NCE promotions;
  • - new higher Office and Microsoft 365 SKUs prices;
  • - or the end of purchasing legacy subscriptions.


Your 2022 NCE business strategy

The journey towards a successful NCE looks different for the different players. But everyone's goal is the same: making it as seamless as possible without losing any financial perks. The NCE migration could happen today, tomorrow, or within a year. And there are many things to be considered beforehand like:

  • - what are the benefits of renewing vs. migrating;
  • - when to migrate;
  • - to commit short or long term;
  • - NCE incentives and promotions. 

We created 3 short checklists (for Indirect Providers, Direct CSP resellers, and NCE customers) to help you with the basics of the upcoming legacy-to-NCE migration. 

Download the checklists below: 

nce checklist lnading page banner (1)

Don't let NCE become a ticking timebomb for your business! You have a few short months left to act. 

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