NCE for CSP Enabled on Our Platform

Bill, Cancel, Auto-Renew, & Schedule Changes on The AppXite Platform Today

AppXite launched full support for seat-based Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 and released all infrastructural functionalities as Schedule Changes and Auto-Renewals, the new Subscription Terms and Billing Plans, Cancellation Policy, and Promotional Pricing

Schedule Changes and Auto-Renewals

The ability to schedule changes at subscription renewal is now live for all NCE seat-based offers on the AppXite Platform. It takes 30 seconds to create a new subscription rule for the time of renewal or even for a custom-defined future time period. The history of amended seat counts, term lengths, billing cycles, and for sellers - markup changes, are recorded and stored by the platform.

While you are on the page with an additional click you can enable/disable the subscription auto-renewal as you would do if using the Partner Center. The AppXite Platform’s interface gives you all possible subscription management functionalities in a single self-serving environment.

Don’t wait for support to do it for you, do it yourself – isn't this the point of having a cloud commerce platform?

Schedule NCE subscription Changes x6

Subscription Terms and Billing Plans

If every new NCE commitment term is a new product, how user friendly your catalog will be for customers or partners?

To avoid the general mess of thousands of offers, AppXite has always relied on a back-end CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) engine. On the AppXite Platform, you will now have one e.g. NCE Microsoft 365 E5 listing that can be configured as per your customer’s or partner’s requirements and within all NCE subscription terms and billing plan options – the price will be displayed within seconds on the same page and the shopping can proceed.

NCE subscription terms x3

Cancellation Policy

According to our recent survey, NCE’s cancellation window is the main concern of partners preparing for the New Commerce Experience. The AppXite Platform supports Microsoft’s seat-based cancellation rule and every other onboarded vendor’s cancellation policy (e.g. Adobe’s 14 days) as well as has functionalities in place to support cancellation for future vendor releases (e.g. Software Subscriptions in NCE). We not only enable a cancellation button for you but with Microsoft's 7-day window including every day of the week (workdays, weekends, and holidays), the platform will tell you exactly when your commitment is irreversible, and you will be billed in full for your purchase.

Don’t get lost calculating when your cancellation window closes, we have a script for this!

NCE cancellation policy x8

Promotional Pricing

Pricing transparency is a core customer-facing reason for Microsoft partners to use a commerce platform in the first place. With the AppXite Platform, all NCE promotional prices will be clearly displayed on the catalog, during a purchase configuration, and in the shopping cart for the eligible customers, and therefore mirrored in any quote sent by our partners. List prices will be adjusted for promotions and the invoices will reflect the discounted price. We ensure that the prices displayed on the platform are always up-to-date and that transactions of discounted products will always be billed at the discounted price.

Don’t hide promotions in invoice lines and corrections, the lack of price transparency is expensive.

NCE Promotional price x9

Reports and Migrations

Having the operational support for NCE won’t solve much of the new commerce business challenges. The AppXite Platform already supports our partners' activities in migrating customers from the Azure Subscription to the Azure Plan in usage-based NCE. With the launch of seat-based NCE, we are launching a highly automated workflow to migrate all customers from legacy to the new commerce offers in CSP on the platform. A specialized report will name the customers eligible for migration and with a simple purchase of a transition offer, their eligible subscriptions* will be moved to the new commerce. Thus, allowing account managers to transition their own customers without having to request access to Partner Center and digging through the list of migratable and non-migratable subscriptions.

Shift your revenue with a couple of clicks – move effortlessly customers from legacy to NCE on the AppXite Platform.

*Educational and special qualification subscriptions are not yet migratable on the Microsoft side. 

NCE reports and migraiton x4

On-Demand New Commerce Experience Webinar

Listen to a discussion on the not-so-obvious outcomes of Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE) for seat-based products (M365, W365, D365, and Power Platform) from the perspective of a participant in the latest NCE pilot and a cloud commerce platform provider that has enabled NCE for its partners.

The recording covers:
1. What else will come in addition to the October launch?
2. When should you be NCE-ready & what'll happen if you are not?
3. How does NCE compare to other vendor programs?

banner for NCE webinar for seat-based offers