Marketplace Management

Lower Your Transaction Costs by Streamlining the Management of Your Expanding As-A-Service Business

Managing your marketplace on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

Service catalog management

Build and Manage a Multi-Vendor Catalog

AppXite's cloud management platform allows you to add or remove products in seconds, build categories that reflect your business best and add tags and filters to make navigation even easier. Segment your customers by industry or priority and present each segment with a specific selection of products and prices.
build personalized catalogs for your customers on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

manage SaaS ecosystems

Manage products

Have a single cloud platform to access the cloud ecosystems of any big SaaS vendor and build individual catalogs specific to your customer needs.

Bundle SaaS products

Bundle offerings

Create the bundles that will turn your subscribers into loyal long-term customers. Combine, quote and sell any mix of cloud products.

reach more customers with your own products

Build your own solutions

List your own products and managed services for sale using manual transactions or automate provisioning with custom API calls.

Price management

Mix and Match Billing Models to Align Your Pricing Strategy

Edit fees, mark-ups and price logics for products and services of a multi-vendors catalog from your admin account. Decrease margins for a customer with a large volume of SaaS consumption and secure a long-term business relationship. Or reduce solution prices for new customers to get them started. If you need to make one exceptional purchase at a very special price, we have that covered too.
Edit by yourself product prices to control your earnings on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

dollar sign bill

Design charging plans

Align your own pricing strategy with your billing plans & the platform will execute them.

invoice in dollars

Customize price books

Create tailored prices for different segments & offer premium fees to selected users.

revenue scale

Offer discounts

Run promotional campaigns to increase the reach and adoption of software or services.

Quotes and order management

Accelerate Estimation and Quoting

Execute complex price calculations in real-time and on your page during customer’s checkout. With the AppXite price quote configuration engine, you will always deliver accurate price offers for multi-product purchases no matter if they are from different vendors or sold with different billing logic and frequencies. Increasing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with AppXite's cloud management platform and eliminate human errors, manual price estimation and quoting delays.
quote customers in real-time to secure the sale with AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

configure pricing plans with AppXite Cloud Management Platform


Enable Multi-Level Pricing Plans using our mathematical function editor and algorithm generator.

multicurrency support on appxite Cloud Management Platform


Cater to the world and make accounting easier with automated and customizable exchange rates.

multi-facet integrations on the AppXite Cloud Management Platform


Integration with all modern CMS systems ensures that you can have products and prices on your website.

Customer management

One-offer-fits-all Works No Longer

Customer Experience Management is the driver behind digital transformation

Customer segmentation is a critical component of a company's go-to-market strategy. AppXite enables you to make a difference between your high-value customer segments and just as importantly deprioritizes low-value segments and enables you to maximize your impact by aligning marketing, sales, and product resources.
Create different catalogs for different segments and design unique price logic for each customer group individually. 

segment your customers to target them wiser on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

On the AppXite Platform, you can customize your catalogs for a variety of use cases – based on customers’ vendor focus, their industries, location, or anything else that fits your business. The catalogue creation allows for customization on product and offer levels.
With this functionality, you will be able to target your catalogs better, keep them clean for an extensive number of irrelevant offers, and be user-friendly.

offer selection functionality on appxite's Cloud Management Platform

Management-friendly Reporting Backed by Analyst-friendly Extracts

Gain the visibility you need to manage your digital business with real-time data for earnings and margins using Power BI dashboards and analytics reporting. Enable your sales team to track customer's cloud adoption and revenue growth with daily updates. Understand the cloud services that are gaining traction and develop targeted campaigns around complementary services to grow revenue.
access Power Bi and analytics reports directly on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

Satisfy Customers Self-Serving Needs While Keeping Your Platform Secured

Make platform sign-up easy for customers and safe for your organization. Unify the login process with a Single-Sign-On protocol and an industry-standard access management policy across all pages. On AppXite's cloud management platform, you can grant rights to employees to view & manage information for a specific customer or to access the platforms of one or more customer organizations to buy, change, or chancel subscriptions on their behalf.
select user rights from pre-defined list on AppXite's Cloud Management Platform

Manage Platform Roles and Rights

Permit the access of customers and employee to your platform to make sure your self-serving platform is sufficiently working. Give them different levels of usage rights.

boy and girl platform users

User, Admin, Manager

Select between a set of pre-defined permission levels to give your employees the necessary platform rights to perform their tasks e.g. price & catalog management, reporting, etc.

centralized entities management icon

Entities management

Let your company representatives manage your direct (end-customers) and indirect (reseller organizations) channel from the same platform with the right user access permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add our own offerings to your platform?

Partners can add new offerings such as their own intellectual properties, one-time products, recurring service, etc. to their catalogs. The additional offers are created vie platform’s offer configuration functionalities. When creating the new offer, partners can choose to appoint AppXite to act as their distributor (which means that AppXite will allow the offer to be sold by our entire network of sellers) or for the offer to be available on the partner’s catalog only.

What offerings are included in AppXite product catalog?

Partners can choose to include their own offerings and/or products and services from selected niche and local ISVs or other well-known vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. Find the full list of pre-integrated to the AppXite Platform vendors here.

Can I resell multiple vendors offerings?

Partners can tailor their catalogs to suit their different customer segments, onboarding their as-a-service offerings and managed services or adding different vendors’ products to their marketplaces. AppXite Platform has existing integrations to global vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. (see the full list here) and we are open to discuss the integration of new vendors to the platform.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

On AppXite Platform, vendors can create bundles of their own products and services and make them available for sellers. During the bundle's creation, the vendor can customize its offer to make it fit better the dedicated vertical with description, marketing materials, etc.