The AppXite Platform supports VIP Marketplace Program

The AppXite Platform supports VIP Marketplace Program

The AppXite Platform can now streamline the selling, purchasing, and quoting and automate the provisioning, billing and renewals of Adobe VIP Marketplace products.

The VIP Marketplace is a next-gen Adobe purchasing experience for customers and partners. The program allows partners to sell VIP Marketplace products from their own cloud marketplace platforms and thus reducing operational costs and order processing time.

Moreover, all VIP Marketplace products renew automatically which will help partners combat churn around renewal time, while the marketplace’s self-service functionalities and the direct integration with Adobe give partners the much-needed opportunity to focus on their cross-sale and up-sell priorities. 

How to join the VIP Marketplace program?

The program requires a minimum volume of sales and Premium partner status: VIP Marketplace: Overview and terms

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How can AppXite help you?

The AppXite Platform can be the marketplace you use to deliver VIP Marketplace products to your customers and partners. Our platform is one of the firsts to enable the program and it is already successfully used by Adobe Partners.

Leveraging our platform allows Adobe partners to avoid the technical development costs associated with Adobe API integration or support and the delays in development. As a platform provider, AppXite’s job is to enable the as-a-service channel to focus on business-critical tasks instead of marketplace and vendor integrations maintenance. 

AppXite enables many other vendor ecosystems alongside Adobe (including Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Google, and more) which makes it the perfect single versatile solution to support all your as-a-service businesses: sell, bill, provision, and bundle multi-vendor or multi-cloud solutions on the AppXite Platform.

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