Industries that can benefit from MaaS360

Industries that can benefit from MaaS360

MaaS360 is a cognitive unified end-point management (UEM) solution developed by experts in IBM. Contemporary work environments have long since outgrown a localized workplace environment limited to in-house devices. Unfortunately, this ease of accessibility can lead to a wide variety of security issues.

UEM is an answer to the modern workplace challenges, including the Internet of Things (IoT), remote working and BYOD. With MaaS360, corporate data security is protected by more than firewalls. Even when a company’s network is routinely accessed through BYOD avenues, remote deletion capabilities eliminate the potential for information to be lost if the wrong person accesses a missing laptop, mobile, etc. UEM safeguards the device, the corporate applications and data, enterprise content and manages the access and threats. 

Top Industries Utilizing IBM MaaS360

MaaS360 enterprise mobility management solution is an ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses. It's very versatile and can be adapted by any industry. Here are six business sectors where CIO, CISO, CTO and IT Directors leverage the full solution potential to comply with important internal and external regulations:

1) Healthcare

MaaS360 enables healthcare organizations to secure sensitive patient information according to HIPAA, GDPR and other healthcare regulations. This enables medical personnel to access and share important data in a fast and flexible format through organization-owned and personally-owned devices. MaaS360 reduces overall mobile device managing cost and IT workload. 

2) Finance

Bankers, financial advisors and insurance agents are helped by MaaS360 to protect the financial information they work with while complying with the many restrictive regulations in the finance sector. With sophisticated security policy enforcement and passcode protection, they can manage, track, license and access data from any location.

3) Retail

The retail industry is particularly mobile-heavy. Therefore, having mobile mobility protection is crucial. With MaaS360 they manage their business apps and supply chain, but also QR codes and stockroom inventory. For global brands, MaaS360 ensures the compliance with country or territorial laws. 

4) Manufacturing

If you are part of this innovative industry, productivity must be on your priority list. MaaS360 increases positive user experience, boosts employee efficiency, and enhances communication while minimizing response time. MaaS360 helps manufacturers to protect their intellectual property and data.

5) Public Sector

Government agencies of all sizes and areas of competencies monitor and enforce policies thanks to MaaS360. The flexibility of the solution grants the public sector the opportunity to have essential managing solutions and incorporate more advanced security tools as their needs grow. MaaS3360 identity and threat management is crucial for virtually every task, but more so for protecting content and transactions information. 

6) Education

MaaS360 supports educational organizations to distribute safe-to-use academic and other informational content like apps, documents, and video across different devices. This makes it flexible and controlled while following privacy and educational regulations within a single cloud-based environment. 

Regardless of what your industry is, IBM MaaS360 ensures company compliance with the guidelines of privacy, intellectual property protection, and legal policy enforcement. To get a better look at MaaS360 functionalities, visit our dedicated IBM MaaS360 page or read our blog posts on this topic.