Conquering the cloud as a value-added reseller

Conquering the cloud as a value-added reseller

As cloud services become mainstream necessities, Value Added Resellers are experiencing a major transformation. On-premise, permanent licensing deals used to sustain the business model, but they’re fading in favor of adjustable, as-a-service options. Sofware and hardware bundling, even those containing end-to-end user support, simply aren’t as flexible as cloud computing solutions. To boost return on investment, many resellers are transitioning to SaaS and/or cloud service facilitation. As VARs are specialists in understanding certain key technologies, the future lies with those who combine their valuable knowledge with the practical needs of customers in timely solutions. While the business landscape is drastically changing, those who can adapt to those changes are presented with a wealth of opportunity. Concurrently, there are numerous difficulties that come with adapting to the current marketplace turbulence. According to our specialists, some potential challenges that Vars can encounter are:  

  • Client Payment Conversion: Transform isolated transactions into managed-service contracts with monthly recurring revenue. This shift can initially decrease incoming revenue but results in more frequent, sustainable income. Furthermore, client retention increases with access to scalable solutions, rather than the client being forced into a one-size-fits-all annual deal.  
  • Losing Business to Cloud Solutions: Rather than fighting the tide, how can you best utilize the changing landscape? Become part of the solution; providing solutions, rather than spending time and energy waging an unwinnable war 
  • Staff Training: New technologies emerge and evolve regularly. Maintaining sales competency can take up large amounts of time and resources. As technologies become more complex, this requires more in-depth educational workshops, seminars, and other training opportunities.  
  • Staff Workload: Are there more efficient ways of dealing with the business necessities? New systems, including automation, significantly reduce the length of daily tasks, freeing up worktime and allowing employees to focus on other jobs.  
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Does your company have proper tools in place to service your customer needs, making them feel valued and boosting their retention? Without a human connection, many clients feel unsupported, distant, and undervalued.  
  • Streamlined Operations: Are your billing, accounting, procurement, and quote systems user-friendly and understandable from both sides? While problems always arise when employees are confused, having a customer encounter confusion can lead to miscommunication or even cancelation.  

When offering flexible solutions, swings in client demand can result in complications if the process isn’t deftly managed. Shifting from regular, large-scale transactions to an invoice and collection process generates mountains of data that can overwhelm non-automated systems. Once your industrial back end has been secured, including support, staff training, and provisioning, your business can focus on its main goals: making lasting relationships with customers and selling product bundles imbued with your unique intellectual property, additions, or services. 

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