Cloud Aggregator = Distributor = Box Mover?

Cloud Aggregator = Distributor = Box Mover?

Before cloud computing, traditional IT distributors managed logistics, credit, and the supply chain through value-added resellers (VARs) and along to end customers. These “pick, pack and ship” services had relevant benefits for vendors in managing the workflow of physical products.

 As cloud environments become mainstream, cloud-based IT spending skyrockets and the role of distributors has evolved

There is no longer a material box to ship while customer support and deployment are provided by vendors or resellers. The successful distributors of today were able to transition their value-added services and deliver meaningful value to reseller channels.

Why IBM introduced Cloud Aggregators?

IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller program is a two-tier distribution model for all IBM XaaS solutions. In attempt to satisfy the B2B customers with the same customer experience as a B2C client, IBM is modernizing its indirect channel.

Resellers need to find certified IBM cloud aggregators to transact future IBM cloud solutions to SMB companies

IBM Cloud Aggregators (CAs) are partnering organizations that serve as a middleman between IBM and the cloud resellers, but they aren’t the typical software distributors. CAs have developed cloud platforms for selling subscriptions, provisioning SaaS offers, and billing/invoicing end-customers. Since all digital business goes through the platform, it should be crucial for resellers to have centralized detailed view of their subscription business.

What are the benefits of the CA program?

This program connects resellers with marketplace providers - a huge advantage all by itself. However, IBM wouldn’t take such a drastic turn for just one benefit. We have outlined the rest in a structured checklist including all the factors to consider when selecting an IBM Cloud Aggregator versus distributor.