AppXite Subscription Commerce & Billing Now on Microsoft AppSource

AppXite Subscription Commerce & Billing Now on Microsoft AppSource

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS –  December 5, 2018 – Cloud aggregation platform provider AppXite is proud to announce the availability of its Subscription Commerce and Billing solution on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

This solution leverages the functionality of AppXite Cloud Commerce Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to transition customer business models into a modern, subscription-based framework. As the number of invoices and their complexity increases exponentially, lean processes with automation are required to manage the increased operational workload. With AppXite’s white-label solution, you can reduce operational costs, eliminate human errors, and shorten the time required for issuing invoices. Subscription Commerce and Billing empowers any digital enterprise to improve its cash flow by increasing the flexibility of invoicing processes while remaining transparent and understandable for customers. 

“Subscription-based business models are transforming the way companies conduct business and interact with their customers. Change is taking place every day,” said Maris Krumins, CFO at AppXite. “I’m thrilled to introduce, at a time like this, Subscription Commerce and Billing for AppXite partners, a solution that has been integral for AppXite to service its own customers’ needs for flexible invoicing and cut time spent on invoicing by 28 percent.” 

Kees Hertogh, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Business Applications, said, “We’re excited to welcome AppXite to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Subscription Commerce and Billing from AppXite to help customers meet their needs faster.” 

Get a free trial of Subscription Commerce and Billing from AppXite’s page on AppSource. 

About AppXite:

AppXite is a cloud aggregation platform provider helping scale ISV businesses globally by providing Azure lift-and-shift, DevOps and customer success management services to end customers while increasing sales through our global partner channel framework. More information about AppXite is available at