Marketplace Setup

Launch a White-label Marketplace to Sell Your Own Offerings and Third-party Products

Custom storefront

Turn your Marketplace into Recognizable Business Extension

Run your storefront on a selected domain, with your logo and brand colors. While making use of the clean and simple platform web design created to reduce the unnecessary customer’s distractions. Configure and publish own offerings and products of any desired cloud and SaaS vendors to provide the unique shopping experience customers look for. 

customize your cloud marketplace with brand colors and logo

Multi-channel setup

Support Every Business-Essential Sales Agreement

Keep direct vendor agreements with strategic partners and enrich your catalog with solutions from other vendors without the hassle. On AppXite Platform, you can manage a diverse set of niche products or a broad portfolio of solutions and their respective customer segments.

vendor_scheme (1)


Direct Seller

Leverage the direct sales contracts with your strategic partners and automate the billing and provisioning of their solutions.


Indirect Seller

Use a distribution model to enlarge your portfolio & give customers direct access to the catalog via a self-service.


Direct Sales

Sell and bundle own solutions or managed services & provide customers with a single place to manage purchases.

Service catalog

Answer Market Demands with a Multi-Vendor Catalog

Using our Product Management tool to tailor-make your storefronts to suit your different customer segments. Onboard all of your as-a-service offerings and manage them in a single marketplace. AppXite Platform is also equally well-performing in supporting catalogs of leading cloud vendors. To boost bundling success, any of our existing 100+ vendor integrations can be added to your marketplace on request.




Future-proof Your Business Selling Own Products

Publish own offerings and managed services to your platform to improve margins. Selling only standard SKUs makes it harder and harder to sustain a profitable SaaS business. With AppXite Product Management, it is very easy to expand your offerings portfolio with new offers. Add any own product or service and attach it a pricing scheme of your choice.
Do you prefer to use custom API calls? Our integration team is adding new offerings for automated provisioning every day.



configuring cloud offers to support growing margins

Multi-language and currency support

Sell Globally With a Localized Catalog

AppXite Platform supports multilingual and multi-currency marketplaces allowing you to provide the consistent shopping experience to all customers. AppXite enables the localization of functional content including all customer communications such as emails and notifications and the platform’s interface. Currently, we support eight languages (including English) and others can be added to the list. The currency exchange rates are synchronized daily and can be adjusted manually if needed.

select between the eight existing interface languages of AppXite platform or request adding more

Platform APIs Enable the Integration with Your Business

Group 8791

Integrate your existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM, Accounting or Ticketing Software) with your cloud operations using our platform’s open APIs.

Group 72

Use any payment gateway of your choice and if the integration to it hasn’t been established so far, our development team will connect it.

Group 8709

Provision and sell products and services from public cloud vendors along with small or local vendors and your own solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your platform support marketing customization?

Yes, absolutely – AppXite platform is a white-label solution and it can be customized in many ways, including the following:

  • Your company logo and colour scheme
  • Product catalog
  • Custom landing page per domain

Does the platform support multilingual user interface?

AppXite platform comes with multi-language support out of the box. We currently support multiple languages, including English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, and Finnish. We are also prepared to extend support to other languages on an as-needed basis, especially if your company is willing to work with us to add that support.

Can I set custom prices for different client segments on the platform?

Yes. You can set a different price for each customer if you so choose.

Can my customers service their subscriptions themselves?