Indirect Microsoft Resellers

Leverage AppXite's Distribution Agreement to Sell, Buy, Bill, Manage and Provision Microsoft SaaS Solutions

Why is AppXite Not your Typical Distributor?

AppXite’s mission is to empower and grow as-a-service businesses. We get pro-actively involved with our platform users – sellers, vendors, distributors, CSPs, etc. to provide consultancy, marketing, support, to assist with the integration of managed services or intellectual properties to the platform. Indirect CSPs can use our platform free of charge to buy and manage Microsoft business on behalf of their customers or they can sign up for one of our platform pricing plans to receive 100% margin together with an amazing set of features that will help them to accelerate even faster.

Multi-vendor platform integrations to AppXite

Stop Holding Back on CSP And Choose The Right Partner

As an Indirect CSP, you want the highest margins with the lowest volume requirements, and we can provide you with that. With AppXite Platform, sellers can bundle multiple vendor solutions to create offerings for specific customer needs and bill them within a single invoice to speed up the collection process and lower the invoice cost.

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Value-added services

Sell your own intellectual properties and managed IT services by adding them to your product catalog.

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Turnkey solutions

Leverage partner support and invoicing services that will help grow your business and accelerate your GTM journey.

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Business model

Offer a full catalog of Microsoft products and a wide choice of ISV SaaS solutions with no up-front investment.

Pre-integrated Solutions to Expand your Standard SaaS Portfolio with


Ralf Schaefer

CEO at Trans4mation

Before, as a Direct CSP, we had to take care of the cumbersome tasks; such as technical support or billing services by ourselves and little time was left for developing new services or engaging with new customers. Now, with the ReThink portal and AppXite as our distributor, we get all the tools and services we need for a successful journey as an Indirect Reseller. Finally, we can concentrate on growing our Microsoft and SaaS business and accelerate with AppXite's Marketing and Sales support.

There Are 4 Easy Steps To Join Our Partner Network

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Have your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID 24 hours prior to enrolling with AppXite and on to the CSP program.

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Sign Up

Sign up to our Partner Network and fill in your contact details. We will set up an agreement and send it to you right away.

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Enroll as an Indirect Reseller in Microsoft Partner Center and then accept the Microsoft Indirect Reseller agreement.

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Register as a partner with AppXite and we'll send you an invitation to associate with us within the CSP program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppXite a distributor?

No. We are an Indirect Provider. 

What offerings are included in AppXite product catalog?

You may choose to include your own offerings and/or other offerings from select vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, ATEA Group, Cisco, Citrix, AWS, Google, IBM, etc.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

Yes, we support bundling of offering together.

Can I resell multiple vendors offerings?


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