Billing Models

Choose The Proper Billing Scheme For Your Product And Align Your Pricing Strategy With The Way Customers Want To Buy

Fixed Recurring Billing

Flat fee billing is the subscription business fundament with its fixed cost and billing frequencies (monthly, annually, etc.). Applied to SaaS salse, it makes calculating product bundles or addon offers simpler as well as predicting the company’s recurring revenue easier.

Usage-Based Billing

With usage-based or consumption-based billing plants, subscribers pay for what they use. Allowing them to eliminate any redundant spending or to scale up and down monthly, will lead to customers being better equipped for different market conditions and will lower subscribers’ churn.


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Quantity-Based Consumption

Customers pay fixed price per single unit, independently of how many units they buy.

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Volume-Based Consumption

The price depends on the number of purchased units where higher volume acquired costs less.

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Tiered Consumption

Subscribers pay according to a tiered pricing list e.g. 0-10 units one price, 11-20 – another, etc.

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Stair-Step Consumption

The cost depends on the maximum volume of possible usage e.g. 500 GB storage, 2 TB, etc.

Seat-Based Billing

Seat-based subscription billing is pricing plan based on the number of solutions’ users (a.k.a. seats). Via AppXite self-serving platform customers can add or remove subscriptions by themselves to optimize recurring expenses while lowering the subscription management time.


One-Time Billing

One-time purchases are transactional payments with undeniable influence over the subscription revenue. Selling one-off professional services (e.g. cloud back-up configuration) or single month software licenses give subscribers the feel of the SaaS customer-centric sales experience.


Hybrid Billing

Hybrid billing scenario describes every combination of at least 2 of the above-mentioned billing models. It allows for a complex yet simplified payment experience with the platform engine executing solutions sales based on multiple billing models (recurring and/or non-recurring) in a single bill.  

With hybrid billing, prospects won’t drop halfway through the checkout.


Set up your own billing scheme, AppXite platform can bill it

If out-of-the-box billing scenarios won’t highlight the value of your product, design custom pricing and billing strategies to fit your unique subscription business. AppXite platform will carry them out for you.

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Create frictionless buyer’s journey with free or paid trials for any duration.

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Billing frequencies

Bill subscribers on monthly, quarterly, annually basis or define other custom periods.

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Implement free of charge solutions sales to drive premium addons purchases and adoption.

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Target specific audience with short-term proposal to increase customer acquisition.