Price Management

Build, manage, and consolidate your product pricing across all sales channels, e-commerce solutions and external marketplaces.

create billing models in the back-end of you AppXite platform
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Build the Right Pricing Strategy to Market, Sell and Grow Your Business

In the IT ecosystem, businesses are increasingly offering their solutions through diverse channels, including their own e-commerce platforms, partner networks, and major external marketplaces like Microsoft, AWS, and Google Marketplaces. This diversity underscores the importance of a unified approach to managing products, prices, and orders. The AppXite platform streamlines this process by centralizing pricing, markups, fees, and promotions into one cohesive system, perfectly integrated with automated product provisioning, billing, and a customer self-service for managing subscriptions.

repeatFlat Fee Pricing

Offer a single product, a single set of features, and a single price. Charge based on billing frequency -monthly/annually.

analysisUsage-Based Pricing

Pay for what you use, based on the number of API requests, transactions, or gigabytes of data used.

diagramTired Pricing

Several product plans each providing a particular set of service volumes like features, users, storage, etc

user-checkUser-Based Pricing
Charge based on users (seats) to whom the solution is delivered or charge only for active users. 

credit-cardOne-Time Pricing

Charge based on one-time payments - bulk fees that users pay once to access or get the product or service. 

puzzle-pieceHybrid Billing

Mix-and-match pricing models, executing solutions sales based on multiple billing models in a single bill. 

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Build Smart Offers and Flexible Price Configurations

AppXite's market-leading CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) engine enables you to implement complex pricing strategies by considering multiple factors that influence the final price of a product or service. This advanced feature empowers you to tailor your pricing models to various customer segments, product configurations, and market conditions.

Configure products, and pricing plans and create quotes for any mix of products and services with one-time, recurring, usage-based, etc. charge models. Deploy pricing rules in one central system, which ensures consistent pricing and discounting across all customer touchpoints.


CPQ grey


Leverage Offer-Based Calculations for Bundle Pricing

The price for a bundle is calculated from all offers that are included in the bundle, in order to manage a price for a bundle you have to manage the price for an offer that is included in the bundle. As a seller or distributor, it is possible to manage the margin for bundle under the Price Management


Customer Segmentation

Create Tailored Pricing for Different Customer Segments

Set tailored fees, mark-ups and price logics for products and services for different customer segments. Decrease margins for a customer with a large volume of SaaS consumption and secure a long-term business relationship. Or reduce solution prices for new customers to get them started. If you need to make one exceptional purchase at a very special price, AppXite has that covered too.
Special Price Customer Segments


Select the Righ Price Composition and Markup Strategy

The price of a bundle is dynamically generated, reflecting the total of the vendor prices and suggested retail prices (SRPs) of each included offer. Markups for bundles are not set independently; instead, they are determined by the individual markups applied to each offer within the bundle. These specific markups are then collectively applied to calculate the bundle's final price.



Run Promotional Campaigns to Increase the Reach

Experiment with different discounting strategies: create coupons, offer a flat discount, or make percentage-based discounts. Choose to discount all services in the entire plan or select only one or several specific service. Try different discount types for your promotional campaigns and monitor which approach works best for your business. 

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"With the AppXite platform, we have managed to build an extensive portfolio of multi-vendor offerings and our own cloud services while keeping administrative expenses low. Besides driving the automation of our day-to-day cloud business operations, AppXite is always ahead in adapting the platform for constantly changing ecosystem requirements."


Deliver More Quickly with Powerful and Easy-To-Use APIs

Built with connectivity and flexibility in mind, the AppXite API infrastructure and integrations enable smooth data synchronization with third-party systems and solutions. It reduces development efforts integrating with existing e-commerce solutions, ERP, CRM, or vendor ecosystems and allows you to manage your subscription business according to your specific requirements.


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Automated Order Fulfillment and Product Delivery in a Seconds

Provision all solutions on-demand providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they purchase them. Order provisioning status of the bundle is updated based on the provisioning status of orders for offers included in the bundle and is moved to "Provisioning successful state" if all included offers are provisioned.


Provisioning Finished

Subscription Billing

Flexible and Automated Recurring Billing That Scales With Your Growth

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. The AppXite Platform integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system. Set up custom billing cycles for both consumption and subscription-based transactions.



Subscription Management

Renew, Cancel, Upgrade and Downgrade Subscriptions

Minimize transaction costs by giving customers more control over their subscription processes.  Have full autonomy regarding adding, suspending, and changing subscriptions, viewing billing/consumption data, and managing account-related information. 


Subscription Management AX

Sales Analytics and Reporting

Track All Your Sales Data Down to a Single Offer or Subscription Level

Keep track of all the subscription metrics along with important KPIs like sales margins, upcoming renewals, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, and customer lifetime value. Integrated reporting capabilities of the AppXite Platform let distributors, sellers and customers analyze transaction data from multiple perspectives - financial indicators and sales performance, subscriptions and orders, customers and usage, and more!


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