Customer Journey

Build a Unique Customer Journey and Give Users a Place Where They Can Purchase, Access, Analyse, and Manage all Business They Make with You

managing the customer journey on your AppXite Self-service Platform

Registration and sign-on

Make User Login and Authentication Straightforward Processes

Manage the identification of your platform users with ease. The built-in identity and management platform provides great control and security your growing organization demands. The Single Sign-On (SSO) whether through enterprise federation, social login, or username and password authentication, allows users to simply log in once and use all applications they have been granted access to.

choose the identity provider for your AppXite Self-service platform

Satisfy Customers' Self-Serving Needs While Keeping Your Platform Secured

Grant rights to employees to view & manage information of specific customers or to access the platforms in order to buy, change or chancel subscriptions on their behalf. Invite your customers to manage products easily, by themselves. Give administrators the control over subscriptions and services, users and permission roles, service adoption and usage, etc. from a simple and secure site.

invite platform uses and set their permission levels


Answer Market Demands with Multi-Vendor Catalog

Take control over what your customers find, try, and buy. Manage product visibility, tagging, categorization, and placement. Create bundles with preferential pricing, offer discounts, mark prices up or down, and run trials to drive purchase behavior. Bring in additional revenue by upselling add-ons and services with your subscription plans. Let your customers purchase complementary one-offs when subscribing to products or services on your self-service platform.
select suitable solution addons directly on your order page
Our simple, modern purchase flow is optimized for fast checkout and to help customers maintain focus. This dynamic checkout enables multi-product purchases with discounts, bundles, and all forms of payment methods.
review your cart before placing the order on your Self-service platform

Automated provisioning and fulfillment

Provision Everything-as-a-Service

Provision all solutions on-demand providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they purchase them. Set up new offers or managed services quickly through a simple semi-automated process or connect your existing fulfilment system to the platform.



provision solutions on AppXite Self-service platform as a service

Subscription billing

Flexible and Automated Recurring Billing that Elastically Scales with Your growth

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. The AppXite Platform integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system. Set up custom billing cycles for both consumption and subscription-based transactions.



manage the pricing on your Self-service platform

Subscription management

Track and Manage Subscriptions Throughout the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Optimize your sales performance by enabling customers and account executives to buy, quote, track, and self-manage subscriptions. Let them upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscriptions and purchase add-ons based on their ongoing needs on your self-service platform.



manage the SaaS solutions addons on your Self-service platform

Subscription analytics

Excite Customers with Detailed Usage and Billing Reports

Give customers an effective and accurate overview of their cloud operations and provide them with comprehensive business intelligence dashboards. As their purchases and consumption become more sophisticated, so will their reporting needs. Use offer-lever filtering to better report on adoption, consumption, and more or provide a 360° view of your business into a single consolidated dashboard.

let users analyze their usage to optimize their purchases


Inform Platform Users About Major Developments

Communicate changes or announce upcoming events at the right time to the right audience. The AppXite notification engine allows you to personalize customer messaging, whether sent through email, or in-app alerts.
notify platform users with in-app and email event-triggered notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sign-on capabilities are available in your solution?

AppXite Platform supports 3 different login options:

  1. Work email with Azure Active Directory Account as a default log-in option
  2. A personal email with Live ID for signing into Office 365
  3. Email and password credentials for non-Microsoft partners

Do my customers need to log in every month to pay?

Customers execute their payments via a bank transfer and AppXite Platform isn't a moderator in the process. 


Do you support real-time notification and renewal reminders for clients?

We support real-time notifications and 2 types of automated email notifications - subscriptions notifications (Upcoming Subscription Expiry, Subscription Automatic Renewed, Subscription Renewal Error, Subscription Renewal Error, Subscription Change Error, Subscription Change Success) and order notifications (Proposal Submitted, Order Submitted, Offer Provision Error, Offer Provision Success).

If I have existing customers, will I be able to migrate them and their related information to AppXite platform?

Sellers, whose customers have active subscriptions, can be onboarded to AppXite Platform. For these, the first invoice sum will be approximately 2 times higher than the actual subscription costs because when the billing engine receives a subscription with no billing data, it calculates it for 3 months back. But a price correction will be added to the next invoice.

Can my customers service their subscriptions themselves?

Partners can invite their customers to manage and buy products and services by themselves with the right permission roles. See roles graph here.