White-label Billing as a Service

Flexibility In Billing And Invoicing End-Customer’s Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Up-Front And Based On Different Charge Models. And The Only Solution Supporting Subscription Billing For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Accounting for saas

Everything was easy and fun when the company just started, had 10 customers in the same country, and invoices were sent to the customers 1 time when they signed up and 1 time per year for their maintenance fee. Since the company started growing and shifted to monthly and subscription based billing, the workload has increased 12-fold; 1 extra for every month. Not only is Jane expected to send 12 times more invoices, but she is also expected to do it in multiple countries and currencies, calculate VAT, and follow global tax rules. Ever since the company started having partners and vendors, she even manages how these new parties are invoiced. As the company grows further, will it be Jane and the global accountants?

With an automated, recurring billing platform supporting the most advanced billing models, such as fixed recurring, one-time, hybrid, seat and usage consumption directly tied into the subscription management platform, billing becomes, well, automatic. It's Jane and AppXite billing.

Leverage benefits from automated quote-to-cash process supported by seamless workflows across Cloud Commerce Platform and Dynamics 365 Business Central. System configuration reduces the administrative workload by issuing branded invoices with the company's own logo in an automated process. Outstanding balances are shown in our AppXite Cloud Commerce Platform and issued invoice PDF files are available to be downloaded.

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Supporting those billing models none heard about before saas and cloud became a reality


Invoicing service

Invoicing on behalf of partner to end customer based on partner’s pricing and preferable billing cycle



Reports are available for partners on end-customer subscription consumption, invoices issued, payment status (if AppXite Payments is utilized as the receiving entity), and monthly overdue status reports (if AppXite is the payment receiving entity)


Self-service setup

Fully branded invoices with partner logo & Language support


Supporting your business

Management of recurring billing is possible with different charge models: license based, volume-price and consumption based. VAT Tax calculations, credit-checks and dunning, are also available.

Let AppXite do invoicing

Act before Billing becomes your biggest bottleneck

  • AppXite sends invoices on behalf of its Partner to End customers on a monthly basis
  • Invoices are fully branded with Partner logo
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central receives consumption data from commerce platform with regards to invoices to issue
  • Invoices are visible in AppXite's commerce platform in the Partner’s accounts

Operate globally

There are no limits

AppXite invoicing service takes care of invoicing in different currencies and supports financial operations across the globe.


  • Multitude of currencies
  • VAT Tax Calculations
  • Credit checks
  • Dunning

Ensure steady cash flow to support your business


Reporting made just for you

  • Partners are provided with consumption data for the period
  • AppXite performs reconciliation using Power BI report for controlling purposes
  • Monthly reporting performed by AppXite and report are made easy to access, use and act on 
  • Overdue reports are monitored



Johan Wideskott, Business Owner, - Widecon Services AB
Johan Wideskott, Business Owner,
Widecon Services AB

We really appreciate the white-labeled billing services from AppXite, it helps us to be able to focus on our daily tasks instead of invoices.

 Kees Hertogh, Senior Director, Product Marketing - Microsoft Business Applications
Kees Hertogh, Senior Director, Product Marketing
Microsoft Business Applications

We’re excited to welcome AppXite to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Subscription Commerce and Billing from AppXite to help customers meet their needs faster.