Subscription Management
Self-service Purchasing And Management

Subscription Management
for humans

Have you ever met Hannah from accounting?

You know, the girl who works until 11PM each evening to manage your subscriptions in Excel. The one who all the account executives blame towards the customers and think is lazy because she hasn't managed to fill in the latest 450 subscription orders that came in 3 weeks ago.

As your subscription business grows, so does the likelihood of your customers getting tired of Hannah. No matter how many you hire in accounting and procurement, they may not be able to keep up.

Enabling your customers and account executives to buy, quote, track and manage subscriptions by themselves, not only improves Hannah's life quality and work-life balance, but also massively increases sales performance and efficiency. It also enables instant subscription access for your end customers, driving down customer and subscription acquisition costs.

Some of Our Awesome Features

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Enable customers and account executives to buy subscriptions by themselves

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Follow subscription and transaction order history, quotes, invoices and payments

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Let account executives generate special price and volume sales quotations and ship them off automatically for digital approval by the customers

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Add, suspend and change subscriptions as if you were operating a music player

Let customers enjoy buying from you

Because the buy button should be liberated


Easy and simple buying process allows customers and account executives to

  • Easily create orders and quotations and execute them with a few clicks
  • Enable and disable add-ons 
  • Perform bundle purchases

Easily create quotations

Because one size doesn't always fit all


By enabling Account Executives to generate quotes and ship them off digitally for customer approval, you can 

  • Generate special bundles and volume quotations
  • Set temporary short term and long term margin levels
  • Manage continuous quote changes until you and the customer agree on the final price

Track orders

Because we often argue who did what


By enabling the customer to track historical orders, you

  • Reduce discussions of who ordered what
  • Remove the need for email conversation about historical orders
  • Let the customers follow their historical spending

Let the customers be their own manager

Because management should be easy


With easy to manage subscriptions, customers have the autonomy to

  • Add or increase subscriptions and consumption limits
  • Temporarily suspend subscriptions
  • Perform changes or cancel subscriptions


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