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Inability to predict churn ties Jack's hands

It's a lack of insight that makes it hard for Jack to fall asleep. He wakes up every morning worrying if any customers left, or even worse, decided to significantly increase their subscription but never used it because they were never contacted. However, what worries Jack the most is the idea that he cannot identify potential customer loss in a timely manner, only finding out when it is too late.

Built on the worlds most powerful business intelligence platform, the Subscription Analytics engine lets Jack get the insights and even predictions of customer purchasing patterns, churn, and billing status data in one place, providing him with necessary insights on how to act proactively regarding his  customer's choices. Henry, the CFO, is also happy, as he can finally predict revenue and cash flows more precisely.

Base your actions on intelligence rather than guesses and luck

Some of Our Awesome Features

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Data from different sources

To create meaningful insights from data, you often need to combine multiple sources. The Subscription Analytics platform provides this functionality.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Easy-to-use advanced reports highlight the metrics that illustrate your business success, predict churn, user engagement and financial data.

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Safely store and forget

You don't have to spend time designing and maintaining a complex data warehouse solution to store historical data. AppXite has done that for you - just pass over the data.

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Behavioral Marketing Automation Enablement

Ensure that you can be proactive and impact purchasing decisions through telemetry based marketing enablement with AppXite Go-To-Market.

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Get data from different sources


Subscription Analytics extract key data from various systems and combine it with your product generated data to create meaningful metrics for making SaaS businesses successful. With help of AppXite, we will help you identify the metrics that are relevant to your business model.

Store historical data


As an ISV, you do not have to spend time for designing, building and maintaining a complex data warehouse solution to store historical data. AppXite does that for you. We've created a highly available, globally scalable, and super-fast data warehouse for you to store information for billing accounting, user purchase info, and other relevant information for your subscription-based business. Of course, we meet all regulatory and security requirements, so your data stays yours. 

Right Info in right time

Business Intelligence Dashboards

AppXite has designed easy-to-use advanced reports that highlight metrics to illustrate your business' success, your product users' purchasing behavior, financial data and performance.

let us get the data or pass it over via


Set of API lets you configure data extraction endpoints, allowing you to gather data to support your business model – billing by second, hour, days, clicks, or user amounts. Configuration allows you to choose when data needs to be extracted, so as not to disturb your users.

Historical data gathered by AppXite can be retrieved at any point of time in case you encounter a disaster and cannot recover yourself.


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