Office 365 Migration And Backup
Fast Transition From On-Prem to Office 365

Office 365
Migration and Backup

Do You Know The Difference Between Selling To Your Customers And Helping Your Customers To Succeed

You sold the O365 seats, and that should be it? Well for sure if you want them to run away from you as fast as they get the chance.

With Office 365, you might not need to implement servers, and configure email systems, but the good old task of ensuring the customers are effectively and securely moved to the new platform remains very similar. And the great news is they really want the help, as well as backup of their data, since they no longer operate the servers themselves.

AppXite Office 365 Migration and Backup service ensures that your customers email system can be moved to Outlook safely and easily.  With the best tools in the market we're able to migrate not only all server data, but also important desktop settings, such as signatures, auto-complete entries and PSTs. So instead of manual migration taking months, and making your customer wanting to leave, make it easy and fast and make them ask how you can help them more.

Expert knowledge and Best industry tools

Migration made easy

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No disruption

Your customers can keep on working through migration.

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Reduce the risk

Guarantee that all critical data will be migrated safely.

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Keep all critical data

You can be sure that all important customer data is backed up.

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Stay safe

Backup solution extends the functionality of Office 365 and allows for recovery from incidental or deliberate data deletion.



Business as usual: before, during and after the migration

Lost productivity and downtime can prove to be very costly. Office 365 Migration and Backup service ensures that your customers can keep on working while all their important data, such as desktop settings, signatures, autocomplete entries and PTSts,  is moved to Outlook. 

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Relax while we do all the work

You don't have to worry about not having the knowledge how to migrate your customers current email platform to Office 365. Our experts are using the best industry tools to safely migrate all existing data, at the same time assuring that nothing gets lost on the way.


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One-click data restore solution


With our solution customers can instantly find and restore lost data so they have peace of mind and can stay productive no matter what happens, because all their data is safely backed up.


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Eliminate the possibility of error

Any kind of data loss - whether intentional or not - can be painful for customers business. The extended backup functionality allows for easily resolution to incidents of data loss.

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