On-Demand Webinar: New Commerce Experience: Pitfalls & Easter eggs

A discussion on the not-so-obvious consequences of Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE) for seat-based products (M365, W365, D365, and Power Platform).


The New Commerce Experience (NCE) launched back in 2019 with Microsoft's usage-based Azure offering. On the 14th of October, seat-based cloud offers were introduced to it. And although there is enough customer-focused information available, we encounter a lot of confusion about what NCE means for Direct Billing Partners.

Fortunately, we participated in the newest NCE pilot since the beginning of 2021 and had enough time to figure out the details (some of which you likely missed) and interpret the changes beyond the obvious. It's time to share.

If you are a Microsoft Direct CSP or an Indirect Provider, whether you built your own platform or use a third-party tool, this webinar is for you. It covers the following:

1. New Commerce Experience (NCE) - A short overview.
2. How will NCE alter the existing business processes?
3. What else will come in addition to the October launch?
4. When should you be NCE-ready & what'll happen if you are not?
5. How does NCE compare to other vendor developments?
Microsoft seat-based NCE changes