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We make moving to the Microsoft Azure easy. Whether it’s assessing current systems or understanding how to utilize new cloud capabilities, you can take advantage of the experience and expertise our Azure Expert Center offers. Our deep relationship with Microsoft and a proven history of supporting Microsoft technologies uniquely positions us to assist you in making the best decisions about the Microsoft Cloud. Our Azure Expert Center will work with your team to create solutions that make sense, both now and in the future. We can guide you through the best usage of Microsoft Cloud services to ensure successful adoption, migration, and operation of cloud-based systems.

Aggregate, integrate, customize, and manage a variety of cloud services in their own branded Marketplaces. AppXite automates the cloud service lifecycle from selling to billing, making it easy to create hybrid offerings combined with value added services to provide the optimal fit for a desired market. Our ISV framework allows you to innovate by enabling you in every stage of growth. Startup ISVs can utilize our Cloud Commerce Platform to quickly find product/market fit and drive sales through both direct and indirect go-to-market strategies. Emerging ISVs can use the platform to extend the reach of products and drive scale with our Reseller network and different initiatives around it. 

Optimise your customer experience

Transform, Manage and Scale your
subscription based business

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Subscription management

Give your customers the ability to self-manage their subscriptions and add-ons

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Onetime & recurring payment

Scale in raising recurring cash collection and let the customer pay the way they want

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Subscription analytics

Get real-time analytics on business performance and customer engagement by having your key orders, billings, cash, and revenue metrics available at any point at any time

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Create multi-level pricing plans for each product in your catalog by combining different pricing strategies without double data entry into your website CMS

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Together with our Value Added Services, your range of services for customers will provide a real increase in value.

Value-Added Service

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Application Support

Support your application to thousands of end-customers and millions of users with our Application Support offering

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Ask for our premium white-label Billing Service and let us handle the complete billing process in your name

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Whether you are going to sell Direct to customer via your webpage, sell through AppSource, Distributors or via new channel partners, we can offer you the model that best suits your business model to increase your sales

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Use the power of the Channel

Sell through our global Reseller Network

As a SaaS company, you know that using channel sales can generate more business and increase revenue without hiring a sales team. However, it is important to choose a sales channel that suits your business model, and it's even better if the channel you choose adds value for your potential customers while helping you guide them through the software buying process. The Reseller builds, operates, services, supports, and also invoices the customer.

Many Resellers specialize in certain industries such as finance or healthcare, so they understand the regulations and technical requirements of their customers. Thus, they can provide customized software with greater detail and efficiency because of their knowledge of that specific industry. There are many reasons to meet our fantastic sales partners.


How is it to work with AppXite?

Prataksha Gurung


"This workshop bolsters the bond between Azure and us so that we can be much more confident utilizing the Azure services in the near future. The expertise and help we got from AppXite has been top notch in gaining hands-on insight."

Kristian Sandven


"AppXite’s team demonstrated excellent professional competence within Microsoft Azure and they understood our market perspective to adjust their suggestions to our needs. Issues were solved consecutively, and we were given specific solution proposals to our challenges."

Alexander Haneng


"The Azure Triple Play Program was a perfect way for us to take a giant leap into what Azure has to offer, in addition to getting a tailored program just for us. AppXite is a very knowledgeable partner for us, through the program and in the future."

Anders Nilsson


"We are proud to partner with AppXite. Together we will change the way companies and organizations of every size communicate by enabling everyone to have their own TV channel."

Todd Törnquist

Hive Streaming

"At Hive Streaming we solve the enterprise video distribution challenge with software – no hardware or additional bandwidth required. As a result of our partnership with AppXite, we have reached some of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises who wish to embrace video in their corporate communications."


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