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One way of sharing our inspiration with the world is by being a sponsor and exhibitor at Microsoft Inspire 2018! It’s the biggest Microsoft partner gathering of the year and the networking potential is huge with thousands of Microsoft partners, personnel and industry experts from around the world. What’s more, we’ll have the opportunity to forge new partnerships, engage with potential customers, and present some of the people behind the story of AppXite. Everything you need to know is here! Meet us at Booth #923.


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Powering Digital Sales

Although cloud computing changes everything, it is the foundation of the change that inspired the birth of AppXite; ‘the change from transactional business models to subscription and consumption’. The notion of owning software licenses can be compared to buying cars, and consumption is the most sustainable way. Companies want to pay for what they use, and therefore lease cars, rather than purchasing them outright. It is this foundation that made us focus on the first industry to do a full shift from the old to the new - SaaS. This is why we invest in developing the most modern platform for SaaS companies to operate their subscription-based and consumption-based business models. In addition , this is why we are an aggregator between sellers of SaaS solutions, major platform providers and the end customers who accelerate their businesses by using them. Some call it the next version of ERP and CRM or some simply – the aggregator.

We call it “Powering Digital Sales”.

The Rocket Scientists of AppXite

Nicolas is your go-to-guy for any question you may have about your company’s scale or growth in the shifting cloud eco-system.
Nicolas Albana
As a Reseller you must always update your offerings. Ronny can help you adapt them to fit your customers – add new solutions, package better.
Ronny Bröker
VP Channel
If you have a great software but lack market reach – you need to talk to Daniel. He and his team can make your product successful.
Daniel Back
VP Vendor and Product Management

Every member of our team is highly educated and experienced in the areas of subscription business models and digital sales. If you are ready to talk about partnership with us, please book a meeting with either Nicolas Albana, Ronny Bröker or Daniel Back. An input from Nicolas in any business strategy discussion will be most valuable, Ronny can be approached by Resellers looking for help with e-sales and Daniel will assist software vendors with ease. 

AppXite Speaks at Inspire

Tuesday 17th,
10 blueprints for XaaS companies to scale and Resellers to grow with them

Also, do not miss out on our Theater Session at the Expo Hall Theater, where our AppXite rocket scientists will tell you something you will all want to hear about more, not to say least, you will have the opportunity to participate in our competition to win an amazing prize, SIGN UP here.

10 Blueprints for Successful Transformation: Helping SaaS Companies to Scale
Wednesday 18th,

We have had the pleasure of being nominated by the Microsoft Inspire Community Hub to lead one of the Hot Topic sessions, come hear us speak there about some groundbreaking industry topics.

Appxite partner sessions

LiveArena’s revolutionary production automation, end-to-end production solutions, and value-added services provide everything you need for live events of any scale. We’ve taken broadcast AI to the next level, embedding never-before-seen artificial intelligence into the LiveArena Broadcast Room. The fully automated suite provides integrated content formats for news, presentations, and talk shows. Solutions tailored for Education, Corporates, Public Sector and the Healthcare Industry.

Enabling everything as a service billing by AppXite Commerce Platform and Dynamics 365 Business Central
Appxite & Ciellos

AppXite cooperated with ISV Development Center Partner - Ciellos, to extend its offering to ISV's, Reseller's, MSP’s, Telco’s by enabling functionality from Dynamics 365 Business Central through seamless integration with AppXite Commerce Platform. 

Appxite Sessions at Booth

Successful cloud solution provider - Reseller journey

The way customers buy has changed, and so must the way Resellers sell to them. Sales has moved online, and unlike the time of on-premise mature CSPs can explore new horizons with their offerings. Learn how AppXite will change the way how you watch on CSP business and what it means to not have a Distributor but a real Aggregator by your side. How to automate billing provisioning the most efficient way? How to restructure my sales organisation for subscription business? How can my customer buy on my website and not on foreign marketplaces?  How do I get my own services into all of that? We have the answers and more for you in this session.

ISV, SI, MSP - supporting your direct business

Customers expect a great experience when they buy from you today. You need to meet those expectations and deliver great experiences that gain their loyalty. AppXite’s Cloud Commerce Platform is white-label cloud sales portal for ISVs and Resellers. SIs and MSPs can now take their offers to the end customers and deliver them in an automated and effective way from a one single platform. AppXite’s Cloud Commerce Platform enables configuration, provisioning and management of cloud technologies so you can scale, and achieve extraordinary growth for your small, medium or enterprise business. How can you give your customers the ability to self-manage their subscriptions and add-ons today? How can you get real-time analytics on business performance and customer engagement today? How can you create multi-level pricing plans for each product in the catalog with different pricing strategies today? How can you act before billing becomes your biggest bottleneck? AppXite has these services and the platform to solve these questions and that is what we want to explain in this session.

Disruption Journey - Digital enterprises (Large system integrators)

Digital transformation is the transformation of business strategy and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies to disrupt existing markets and create new ones. Often this leads organization to become something that was not planned – a software development organization. How does one transform a long-lasting enterprise into a digital enterprise? What does it mean? What becomes your new business focus, customer and strategy around it? Your corporate secret up for grabs or opportunity of a life time? We have the answers and more for you in this session.

ISV partnering workshop

July 16, 2018
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
Build your Azure pipeline as part of the ISV Alliance

Modernization, client generation, and customer maintenance are three pressing concerns for any system integrator. Fortunately, workshops are available to help your company generate new leads, nurture existing client relationships, and stay up to date regarding new processes and fiscal effectiveness.

AppXite's Business Experts at Inspire

Tyson Duffy
Agneta Vornikoglo
Maris Krumins
Alisa Batogova
Madara Puķite
Julianna Markova
Niklas Palmestedt
Martins Abolins
Grigorijs Gubins
Valentins Garkavijs
Peter Mehrens
Robertas Skardzius
Budimirs Kluvaks

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