IBM Cloud Ecosystem Explained:
Cloud Marketplace Reseller Program & Cloud Aggregator Program

Who is the CMR? And What is a CA?

Discover the Cloud Marketplace Reseller Program & Cloud Aggregator Program and the business opportunities of IBM as-a-service sales.

Cloud Marketplace Resellers (or in short CMR) are IBM’s indirect cloud resellers that buy IBM solutions from authorized IBM distributors (called Cloud Aggregators (CA)) and sell them to SMB customers, using CAs' marketplaces.

ibm cloud structure


00:00 - 02:47  Cloud Marketplace Reseller Program:

- Program unique values, catalog, requirements, coverage, margins and more

02:48 - 04:40  Cloud Aggregator Program:

- Marketplace, CMR relationship, catalog, portfolio fit, margins, agreement and more

 04:41 - 05:40  AppXite enabling the IBM Ecosystem

- Platform, IBM relationship, integrations and more


As part of an ongoing vendor series, AppXite experts will explain - in simple - the business opportunities that lay within the largest vendor ecosystems (partner programs, solution catalogs, margins, incentives, etc.).

CMR and CA explainer

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Discover how its automation potential and capabilities enable IBM CMRs and CAs to transact as-a-service offerings as well as multiple other channel partners.


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