IBM MaaS360 with Watson Artificial Intelligence

MaaS360 is a premium unified end-point management (UEM) solution. UEM is the answer to modern workplace challenges, e.g. IoT, remote working and BYOD. MaaS360 safeguards devices, corporate apps, data, and enterprise content while managing both access and threats.

With MaaS360, corporate data is protected by more than firewalls.

About MaaS360

Regardless of whether a device or platform is controlled by an application programming interface (API), a human agent, or some combination of the two, everything within the business environment becomes easily understandable between MaaS360 with Watson’s reporting and analytical visuals. Artificial intelligence is incorporated in the device management process, highlighted in three specific capacities: Mobile Metrics, Advisor, and Mobil Security Index.

1. Mobile Metrics for Maas360 is a cloud-based benchmarking tool for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) deployment that guides an organization toward improving security and efficiency across mobile environments.

2. The MaaS360 Advisor function gathers pertinent intelligence from both structured and unstructured information. This advanced cognitive engine empowers a company with a fresh perspective on the environment it occupies by providing actionable intelligence. In addition to prompting the discovery of best practices for optimizing IT and recommendations for resolving security issues, MaaS360 defines what those insights are, assesses their impact, and proposes action for implementing that intelligence.

3. The Mobile Security Index provides a scorecard for all incorporated mobile devices, representing and ranking their vulnerabilities in addition to providing advice on how to strengthen overall security.



Modern mobility has evolved from MDM (mobile device management) to Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM. Only IBM has a full suite of mobile software that spans the complete mobile landscape. Both Gartner and Forrester have praised IBM’s solution for its ease of use at both the administrative and end user level. MaaS360 deploys in less than 6 hours, making it the fastest in the current market. It delivers maximum scalability, security, and seamless integration with existing infrastructures. Research suggests that those that deploy an MDM solution using MaaS360 see ROI within 12 months.


This solution serves to manage and secure all major smartphone and tablet platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows 10 – in addition to Windows & Mac OS X laptop platforms. It deploys quickly and easily while automatically accessing new updates and reduces maintenance time and costs.


This is the next step in the account evolution for all device varieties— smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and devices designed for the Internet of Things (IoT)—hence the term unified endpoint management (UEM). MaaS360 has unleashed a unique approach to UEM that does more than manage and secure endpoints, users, groups, and their applications, content and data. It identifies digital transformation opportunities, reduces security risks, and increases workplace productivity.


MaaS360 is enhanced through the artificial intelligence engine Watson. An integral part of the solution, Watson is expressed in three distinct capacities: Advisor, Mobile Security Index, and Mobile Metrics Leverage. Advisor provides information on potential threats relative to the industry employing it. The Mobile Security Index benchmarks a particular company’s security capabilities relative to other organizations in the same industry while providing advice on how to improve rankings through an online assessment. Mobil Metrics compares the security capabilities of one MaaS360 using companies with other MaaS360 users through simple analytics and graphics.

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MaaS360 insights and analytics can help organizations accelerate and maximize the return on investment by reducing security risks, increasing workforce productivity,  and boosting the efficiency of IT operations. Research suggests that those that deploy a mobility management solution using MaaS360 see ROI within 12 months.


-Nicholas Mislin, IT Operations Manager
Independent Health

“Single sign-on (SSO) through the container integrates with Active Directory, this way my employees can work wherever they are, in a meeting, at their desk, or at their home.”

-Birgit Fagerholt, Senior Program Manager

“IBM MaaS360® is helping us grow the business. We’re able to increase the development of apps that help employees do things faster and better.”

-James Davenport, IT Director

“We are subject to not only HIPAA regulations but also PCI regulations and have to recertify every year. The IBM® Security solutions make it very easy to deliver reports to auditors as the reports we need are built right into the applications.”

-Sulistyo Nugroh, Operation Publication Control Coordinator
Garuda Indonesia

“Productivity increased by nearly 50 percent for our pilots and 30 percent for operations staff. Pilots can find the information and perform calculations in five minutes that before might take 10 to 50 minutes.”

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