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AppXite as your cloud aggregator will ensure you get the best-in-market margins and the GTM support to become not only the first but also the leading IBM Cloud Marketplace Provider

Prompt your IBM SaaS sales with a reliable IBM Cloud Aggregator

In the context of SaaS subscriptions, resellers need to effectively drive demand through global and regional channels. Which, unfortunately, happens to be the bottleneck of new SaaS businesses. While some distributors offer support and commercial help, they often lack an understanding of markets, the capability to fund models, and capacity to scale.

For the emerging IBM offerings, this is more important than ever. And is where cloud aggregators come to play with their modern understanding of customer journey, as-a-service ecosystem and subscription sales.

Watch our on-demand GTM explainer focusing on the digital transformation of existing IBM partners to help you identify the main steps in the journey toward IBM or hybrid cloud sales.

AppXite Accelerating IBM SaaS Resellers

How to jumpstart your IBM SaaS Sales?

Listed below are the step you need to complete to get started with reselling IBM XaaS offerings. IBM explains the process here.

1. Become an IBM Business Partner

  • Sign up for IBMid here in IBM PartnerWorld (the IBM Partner portal).
  • Register your company in IBM PartnerWorld when associating the company’s legal entity with your IBMid.

* Only an individual authorized to act on behalf of the company, can process the application.

* With an IBMid, your company has an only generic profile in IBM system without any reseller rights.

2. Establish an IBM relationship status

  • Apply for a specific IBM relationship status via a Business Partner Agreement (BPA).
* To resell any IBM services or products, you will need BPA.
  • While filling out the BPA select your Relationship Type to be a Cloud Marketplace Reseller.
  • When choosing the IBM products, you want to resell, select Software and tick IBM XaaS – Entry.

3. Select AppXite as your Cloud Aggregator

  • To activate AppXite as your Cloud Aggregator, choose our name from the Distributors list (Cloud Aggregators).

* This step can be done while applying for the BPA or after the agreement is processed.

* AppXite is one of five CAs that have the license to operate in every European county.

4. Set up your own cloud marketplace using Appxite Platform

  • Existing AppXite partners can add IBM SaaS offering by themselves leveraging our catalogue management features.

* If you experience difficulties with it, contact your account manager, or

  • New partners without pre-existing platforms can request one here.  

Cloud Commerce Platform

AppXite Platform is a white-label cloud marketplace helping IBM resellers grow their businesses by offering any solution their customers may need. With the AppXite Platform, you make the most of what IBM cloud services have to offer. The wide variety of IBM SaaS solutions enable you to create unique product catalogs, customized to your end customers and market. You can let your customers buy, provision and manage their own IBM subscription activities to get the most of our platform self-services and user-friendly reports.

Goodbye transaction cost, hello profit.

Become a reseller
AppXite Platform


Custom Branding

Customize the marketplace with your company logo, color scheme and individual marketing content.


Content Customizing

Build individual cloud product catalogues customized for your market and customers.


Order & Provisioning

Customers can buy, pay, provision and manage cloud services in a seamless workflow.


Subscription Management

Give your customers the ability to self-manage their subscriptions and add-ons.



Access built in, real-time cost reports for customer subscriptions and Azure consumption.


Billing Automation

Automated calculation for subscriptions, invoicing and payments save both time and effort.


Price Management

Multi-level pricing and margin management keep you flexible and competitive.


Multi-language & Currency

Let your customers pick their local language and display prices in foreign currencies.

Are you ready? 

As an IBM Cloud Aggregator and a cloud platform provider, AppXite delivers its resellers capacities to save time and money with a low-touch cloud environment. The white-label AppXite platform enables configuration, provisioning, billing, and management of subscription services like IBM and gives the freedom to onboard own offerings directly next to it. Automation ensures low transaction cost and keeps your profit high.

AppXite as your aggregator will ensure you get the best-in-market margins and the GTM support to become not only the first but also the leading IBM Cloud Marketplace Provider. 

Book a free go-to-market planning session with our IBM Cloud expert to discuss how to integrate the new distribution model to your company's existing business strategy. 

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