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This page is built around provisioning modern IBM cloud products at high margins through the AppXite Platform. While our initial offering is MaaS360, an advanced mobile management solution, a full catalog of IBM products will be released soon.

IBM Subscriptions are Competitive on the Cloud Market

Historic shifts in software delivery models require significant changes in how organizations sell and deliver applications. Today, customers want monthly recurring payment options and freedom from license ownership.

IBM, a cloud market leader in selling secure and scalable applications, currently offers these subscriptions. IBM SaaS solutions add value to any reseller offering:

  1. 1. Minimize customer time-to-use: SaaS software sales and application are simple:
    1. 1.1. Trials are an easy way to test drive proof of concepts
    2. 1.2. Zero touch sales are facilitated with webpage “BUY” buttons and auto provisioning
    3. 1.3. SaaS solutions reside on the cloud and are web-accessible
  2. 2. Optimize customers costs: Compared to a software license, subscriptions can be lower-priced:
    1. 2.1. They are regularly updated because the vendors don’t interfere with the customers’ 3rd party infrastructure
    2. 2.2. They exist in a shared/multitenant environment, owned and maintained by the vendor
  1. 2.3. Pay-As-You-Grow models aid subscription purchases based on present business needs
  2. 3. Increase reseller market share: Subscriptions are an ideal way to grow your business:
    1. 3.1. Price structures attract both SMB organizations and enterprises, which lowers your customer acquisition costs (CAC).
    2. 3.2. Supports digital marketing and sales, they become hyper-scalable investments
    3. 3.3. Easy integrations with other SaaS solutions enable up-sell opportunities

Visit the Products section to browse the IBM SaaS solutions available through AppXite’s Platform.

Product Catalogue


MaaS360 is a unified end-point management (UEM) solution. UEM is the answer to modern workplace challenges, e.g. IoT, remote working and BYOD. MaaS360 safeguards devices, corporate apps, data, and enterprise content while managing access and threats. With MaaS360, corporate data is protected by more than firewalls.

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SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is leading statistical software used to solve a variety of business and research problems. It provides a range of techniques including ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing and reporting – making it easier to manage data, select and perform analyses, and share your results. SPSS Statistics offers a base edition with optional add-ons to expand predictive analytics capabilities.

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SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler is a leading visual data science and machine-learning solution. Organizations worldwide rely on SPSS Modeler for data preparation and discovery, predictive analytics, model management and deployment, and machine learning to monetize data assets.

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Perks of Partnering with IBM

To streamline the cloud solutions selling process, IBM utilizes a 2-tier distribution model. When partnering Resellers with Cloud Aggregators in a sell-thru business model, IBM opens its marketplace and solution catalogue to reseller organizations from all sizes and enables them to sell modern, cognitive-cloud applications to their end-customers while reducing operational costs and up-front investments.

IBM’s Cloud Marketplace Reseller program is designed to protect resellers' organizations and their main capital (end-customers), but it also allows them to grow their business cases and expand their markets, leveraging IBM’s good name and cloud expertise.

To find a comprehensive list of IBM Reseller benefits and an in-depth explanation of the IBM business model, visit our Cloud Reseller page.

Perks of Partnering with IBM

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