Next-Gen Cloud And SaaS Distribution

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How can local SaaS distributors compete with the global distribution giants in 2021?

And as on the cloud, the size doesn't matter, and it isn't possible for local distributors to deliver the same value (if not more) as global distribution companies by leveraging smart cloud infrastructures and tools.

catalog of MSP cloud solutions

Managed service in under 5 minutes

Enable MSPs to publish their own service and start selling in less than 5 minutes from their own catalogs

expand your reseller cloud catalog

New Reseller in under 2 minutes

Create a new reseller in your multi-tier distribution environment by yourself in no time

create a sales quote in under 1 min

Sales quotes in under 1 minute

Let your sales team generate price quotes for customers with few easy steps directly from the shopping cart

Let Customers Manage Their Own Cloud Offerings

Make sure that your distribution platform nor you are presenting any roadblocks for their growth

Enable MSPs to go live with a new listing of their own managed service or developed solution in minutes. A self-serving product management tool will allow your customers to design products, offers and bundles by themselves without technical skills. With an inbuilt CPQ engine, they will be able to add complex or simple pricings to the offerings.

configure offer and prices for your managed services

Get New Resellers Onboarded Even By Your Junior Staff

From start to finish in under 2 minutes

Manage thousands of resellers and MSPs marketplaces through one centralized cloud platform. Set up new resellers with a straightforward process by yourself in no time. They can start selling cloud products and offerings immediately after their creation. 

segment your resellers on you cloud platform

Close Deals Faster With a Self-Service Quotations Tool

Ship sales quotes in under 1 minute

Create and send quotes without spending expensive time on configuration. Allow your account executives to manage the process fast and efficient. In subscription-based businesses, sales quotes are for small amounts. And even if the fees add up over time, the initial quotes don't justify spending time on these tedious time-consuming tasks.

self-service quotations tool