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The XaaS business that never happened

You probably heard about the excellent idea from Michael, who wanted to create a business that would allow customers to select a device, incorporate necessary add-ons, and commit to a monthly or annual plan with reduced price and leasing options. The customer would be able to select different plans or combine them, add features, and see pricing updates while doing it. Finally when they would be happy about their choices, they would simply press the buy now button. Unfortunately, Michael met Henry, the CFO, who informed him that the company only supported static pricing, and Peter from business development, who laughed about how impossible such a plan would be to generate and manage. And so, the excellent idea stayed an excellent idea, but never actually happened.

Matching pricing models to business plans is often the last thing that happens and the most complex. How many times have you seen entrepreneurs go down on the simple question: how are you going to monetize it?

CPQ allows you to create advanced and complex pricing plan algorithms that can be embedded inside your pricing page or commerce portal, enabling customers to configure their offers in real-time and generate agile price quotations to meet their exact needs. In other words, it helps eliminate the one price fits all and weeks of manual calculations to generate a quote. Of course, we integrated it with your favorite Digital Marketing platform and Content Management System.

For people who love business modelling, strategy and mathematics

Some of Our Awesome Features

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Multi level calculation chains

Mathematical function editor and algorithm generator

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Campaign and discount management

Create periodical pricing campaigns and discount models based on trial usage or promotion codes

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Multicurrency support

Cater to the world and make accounting easier with automated and customizable exchange rates

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Integration with third party products

Integrate with a multitude of CMS and digital marketing solutions to publish your pricing model where customers can reach it

Add advanced algorithms to your pricing 

Enable the business models you always thought impossible 


If it was easy, everyone would do it. So, we made it as easy as possible.

  • Multi level calculation chains 
  • Mathematical function editor
  • Algorithm generator

Because the world doesn't have a single currency (yet)

Automated conversion without lifting a finger


While we wait for a single digital currency, the least we can do is display a currency the customers understand and relate to. You don't necessarily have to bill in it. But if you do, there's usually an extra buck to be made here and there for your efforts.  

  • Add conversion margins
  • Real-time currency calculation
  • Multi currency subscription enablement

because trial conversion Discounts works

Campaign and discount management


Not all customers just try your offer and buy immediately. By enabling campaign offerings and temporary discount offers, you can help convince the customer to convert to your subscription a little bit faster.

  • Periodical price discounts
  • Digital marketing campaign support
  • Trial and promotion codes

Your website is king

Sell where your customer wants to buy


You spent so much time building a great website, educating your customers, and presenting your solutions. Why would you let clients buy somewhere else? Don't. Our integration with all modern CMS systems and digital marketing platforms ensures that you can have product and price on your page and all the AppXite automation in the back.

  • Available directly on your website as pricing page or part of offering landing page
  • Integrated into our commerce platform and SKU offerings for you to include more than 1000 offerings in your solution
  • Integrated with the most modern Digital marketing platforms


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