Azure Cost Optimization
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Cost Optimization


In the past we would care about how many server licenses we had, how many cores we had to pay for, which version of SQL we used, and how many virtual machines we could use it on. A world where we cared about inventory and audits.

With Azure we care about how we can utilize the resources to deliver the best possible user experience while also limiting our costs and utilizing the best mix of Azure Services with our solution.

We care, because when we took over the operational cost of the solution from the end-customers, we became the ones footing the bill, and having to include it in our pricing model.

Having the top Azure Experts specialized in running SaaS applications on Azure, all the IP automation and machine learning expertise to identify optimal Azure SaaS operations and the platform to enable optimal SaaS business modelling and pricing of solutions, we would be scoundrels if we didn't make it available for all ISVs. And of course it's included automatically when customers acquire their Azure Subscription through one of our SI and MSP partners.

Leverage our knowledge to optimize your Azure costs

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Expert advice

Get monthly recommendations tailored for your Azure environment and systems.

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Resource control

Keep your Azure subscriptions and utilization under control.

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Performance optimization

Get the most out of Azure resources you’re paying for.

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Cost optimization

Understand what the cost drivers in your Azure subscription are

first step towards a more reliable and secure setup

Expert advice backed up by machine learning

Our cloud architects' know-how allows you to: 

  • Get recommendations that are tailored specifically for you 
  • Attain the optimal performance of your resources
  • Relieve yourself from spending hours on doing manual work to make sense of your Azure resource usage

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understand your azure usage

Drama-free resource control


If you don't know what's what in your Azure subscription, it can be a real headache. With resource control you can:  

  • Detect resources that are not utilized 
  • Avoid spending money on unutilized resources 
  • Keep your Azure resources structured 

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smart resource management 

No more resource overutilization


Be sure that your are making the best use of your resource capacity. Avoid user experience degradation by having the right optimization plan.

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no extra lines in your subscription bill

Control the costs while assuring performance

We ensure that you regain control of your budgets and IT governance by implementing expert-provided recommendations on how to optimize the costs of your Azure subscription.

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