Our Story
A Historical Shift

Our Story

AppXite story

Powering Digital Sales

While it's said that cloud computing changes everything, it's the root of the change that inspired the birth of AppXite: the change from traditional to digital and transactional to subscription and consumption, and the hyper scaling opportunity that lies underneeth. The notion that customers, in principle, want to pay for what they use, and that owning a license for a company is similar to binding money in buying a car in cash, which very few companies do. It is this foundation that made us focus on the first industry to do a full shift from the old to the new SaaS.

This is why we invest in developing the most modern platform for SaaS companies to operate their digital subscription and consumption based business models, and why we act as an aggregator between sellers of SaaS solutions, major platform providers, and the end customers who accelerate their businesses by using them. Some call it the next version of ERP and CRM and some simply the aggregator. We call it “Powering Digital Sales.”

As a part of the Atea group we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all sizes of VAR's, SI's, MSP's, LSP's, and telco's.

How we began our journey

The Story Behind Our Story

After having completed more than 50 ISV migrations to Azure and onboarded more than 100 in our growth program in the past 12 months, the journey continues.