Our mission is

A Historical Shift In The Business Models Of Software Calls For A Significant Change To How The Partner Eco-System Manages Scale And Growth. AppXite Is There To Answer That Call.



While it's said that cloud computing changes everything, it's the root of the change that inspired the birth of AppXite, the shift from traditional to digital and transactional to subscription and consumption, fueled by the hyper scaling opportunities and efficiencies that lies underneath. A customer driven shift based on the notion that customers, in principle, want to invest in their own business instead of financing cash-flows for others where they have no ownership, and the inevitable demise of perpetual software licensing models, combined with a hunger for being faster, more agile and scalable business. It is this foundation that made us focus on the first industry to do a full shift from the old to the new SaaS.

This is why we invest in developing the most modern platform for SaaS companies and digital enterprises to operate their digital business models, allowing them to grow their business globally through both direct sales and channels, and why we act as an aggregator between sellers of SaaS solutions, major platform providers, and the end customers who accelerate their businesses by using them. Being the digital content aggregation platform between ERP, CRM and marketing automation systems is what puts us in the unique position to Power Digital Sales.



Being a part of the Atea group with a 5 billion+ USD$ revenue across different geographies has allowed us to gain the extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all sizes of Enterprises, ISV's, VAR's, SI's, MSP's, LSP's, and telco's whether local or global. That knowledge combined with our mission to be the platform that powers and drives sales of the world’s digital businesses is what really have let us not just compete, but excel in what we do. Understanding the importance of using hyperscale micro services architecture and staying relentless in our approach to product, not accepting shortcuts or patchwork that can cause technical debt and decrease growth, combined with our customer driven development and customer edge input approach, allows us to build experiences that are not just responsive and agile, but also enable customer experiences fitting modern digital businesses and customers. Before we went to market as a platform, we had completed more than 100 ISV migrations to Azure and on-boarded more than 100 in our growth program to ensure we had the right formula. Because your digital business platform provider should be at least as scalable as your business model.